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    a bit late :sleeping:, but here my setup:

    FT-857 (TCXO) - ALC max. 50% / Sound-IF Yaesu SCU-17 / TRVTR SG-Lab / GPSDO (Leo Bodnar) / PA SG-Lab (~8W for VARA) / 2.5m Airborne 10 / WIFI Grid Dish H-pol. ("barbeque antenna"...hi)


    85cm offset dish (my ASTRA-TV-dish expanded with second LNB for QO-100) / LNB from :thumbup:with TXCO (25.78718 mc) and really ultra low jitter (!) (LO 10.057 GHz / output 432 mc) / FT-736R

    And of course: VARA SAT high speed licence. ;)

    So, as you can see, nothing special.

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC


    it really works great at the moment...

    DL5GAC has 173 minutes remaining with IS0GRB


    ;PQ: 94210595

    CMS via IS0GRB >

    ;FW: DL5GAC

    [RMS Express-$]

    ;PR: 19569603


    FC EM 2VA5G0O8I752 84666 84612 0

    F> 12

    FS Y

    *** Sending 2VA5G0O8I752.


    *** Completed send of message 2VA5G0O8I752

    *** Sent 1 message. Bytes: 85309, Time: 05:14, bytes/minute: 16270


    *** --- End of session at 2019.10.19 11:19:48 ---

    *** Messages sent: 1. Total bytes sent: 85309, Time: 05:46, bytes/minute: 14783

    *** Messages Received: 0. Total bytes received: 0, Total session time: 05:46, bytes/minute: 0

    *** Disconnecting

    *** Disconnected from Winlink RMS: IS0GRB @ 2019/10/19 11:19:53

    *** Session: 5.9 min; Avg Thruput: 29165 Bytes/min; 1 Min Peak Thruput: 29165 Bytes/min

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC

    Point 1.): solved ! :thumbup:

    My COM-port for PTT is COM 35. KG-STV seems not to handle such high COM-port numbers! Mapped COM 35 to COM 7, now it works. 8)

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC

    Hello friends of digital still image transfer,

    KG-STV is great and I have already done some nice QSO with it via

    QO-100. However, I have a few more questions:

    1.) I can not get my FT-857 in connection with the SCU-17 interface by

    KG-STV through PTT control to send. The correct COM-port is set.

    Can I intervene with KG-STV somehow deeper into the PTT control than

    just selecting the COM port? At the moment I am always pressing the

    PTT button of the microphone parallel to KG-STV to go on air ... ;)

    Sure, I could turn on VOX, but I do not want that.

    In WSJT-X I have no problems with PTT control with the same device.

    2.) Is there in KG-STV itself a way to insert text into the images to be sent

    or must I always do this with an extra graphics program and then slide

    the saved image by drag and drop from the explorer into the

    KG-STV TX window ? A bit hectic during a QSO ...

    3.) What are your experiences regarding optimal image size for KG-STV?

    Really 320x240 as in SSTV?

    4.) Has anyone ever tried 4LFSK instead of MSK via QO-100?

    2400 baud vs. 1200 baud...
    I think that should be easy due to the strong signals...8)

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC

    Hi SAT-friends,

    today I did my first test - BINGO!

    Sent and received first e-mails with the unregistered version of VARA.

    The SAT-link-calibration-function is super!

    Many thanks Roberto and Jose!

    Uplink: FT-857 / SCU-17 / SG-Lab-Transverter & PA (reduced to ~8W) / WIFI-planar-antenna RHCP (37x32cm) attached to a tripod on the windowsill.

    Downlink: 65cm offset-dish / mod. LNB with TCXO and 70cm output / FT-736R

    So far no GPSDO... ;)

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC

    Hello dear SAT-friends,

    DXPATROL offers now a new upconverter MK2 for QO-100, lockable by an internal TCXO 10 Mhz reference or an external GPSDO.
    Local oscillator has now 4 factory pre-programmed frequencies for 4 IF usages . (28MHz, 144MHz, 432MHz, 1296Mhz), selection by dip switch.
    Also Antonio offers now a local oscillator upgrade for the "old" version of DXPATROL QO-100 upconverter.

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC

    Hello SAT-friends,

    unfortunately, it seems that many QO-100-QSOs are still uploaded incorrectly to the LoTW and Clublog.

    The only correct ADIF-records for QO-100-QSOs:




    Nice to do, but not necessary:


    Please check your ADIF-file before upload it to the LoTW or Clublog.

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC