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    Hello Suitbert,

    I did the upload to LoTW with mode IMAGE and to Clublog with mode DATA - so far a few matches... ;)

    73 Robert


    hallo Robert, Hast du den MK2 in Betrieb und evtl. auch die 12 W Endstufe dazu? Da der Amsat DL Upconverter ja derzeit nicht lieferbar ist habe ich jetzt den MK2 Upconverter und die dazu passende 12 Endstufe bestellt. Soll angeblich umgehend ausgeliefert werden. Wird dann alles in passende Gehäuse eingebaut und danach erprobt. Hat jemand schon diese beiden Baugruppen im Einsatz?

    vy 73 Joachim


    Hallo Joachim,

    ne, habe ich nicht, sorry.

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC


    a bit late :sleeping:, but here my setup:

    FT-857 (TCXO) - ALC max. 50% / Sound-IF Yaesu SCU-17 / TRVTR SG-Lab / GPSDO (Leo Bodnar) / PA SG-Lab (~8W for VARA) / 2.5m Airborne 10 / WIFI Grid Dish H-pol. ("barbeque antenna"...hi)


    85cm offset dish (my ASTRA-TV-dish expanded with second LNB for QO-100) / LNB from :thumbup:with TXCO (25.78718 mc) and really ultra low jitter (!) (LO 10.057 GHz / output 432 mc) / FT-736R

    And of course: VARA SAT high speed licence. ;)

    So, as you can see, nothing special.

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC


    it really works great at the moment...

    DL5GAC has 173 minutes remaining with IS0GRB


    ;PQ: 94210595

    CMS via IS0GRB >

    ;FW: DL5GAC

    [RMS Express-$]

    ;PR: 19569603


    FC EM 2VA5G0O8I752 84666 84612 0

    F> 12

    FS Y

    *** Sending 2VA5G0O8I752.


    *** Completed send of message 2VA5G0O8I752

    *** Sent 1 message. Bytes: 85309, Time: 05:14, bytes/minute: 16270


    *** --- End of session at 2019.10.19 11:19:48 ---

    *** Messages sent: 1. Total bytes sent: 85309, Time: 05:46, bytes/minute: 14783

    *** Messages Received: 0. Total bytes received: 0, Total session time: 05:46, bytes/minute: 0

    *** Disconnecting

    *** Disconnected from Winlink RMS: IS0GRB @ 2019/10/19 11:19:53

    *** Session: 5.9 min; Avg Thruput: 29165 Bytes/min; 1 Min Peak Thruput: 29165 Bytes/min

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC

    Point 1.): solved ! :thumbup:

    My COM-port for PTT is COM 35. KG-STV seems not to handle such high COM-port numbers! Mapped COM 35 to COM 7, now it works. 8)

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC

    Hello friends of digital still image transfer,

    KG-STV is great and I have already done some nice QSO with it via

    QO-100. However, I have a few more questions:

    1.) I can not get my FT-857 in connection with the SCU-17 interface by

    KG-STV through PTT control to send. The correct COM-port is set.

    Can I intervene with KG-STV somehow deeper into the PTT control than

    just selecting the COM port? At the moment I am always pressing the

    PTT button of the microphone parallel to KG-STV to go on air ... ;)

    Sure, I could turn on VOX, but I do not want that.

    In WSJT-X I have no problems with PTT control with the same device.

    2.) Is there in KG-STV itself a way to insert text into the images to be sent

    or must I always do this with an extra graphics program and then slide

    the saved image by drag and drop from the explorer into the

    KG-STV TX window ? A bit hectic during a QSO ...

    3.) What are your experiences regarding optimal image size for KG-STV?

    Really 320x240 as in SSTV?

    4.) Has anyone ever tried 4LFSK instead of MSK via QO-100?

    2400 baud vs. 1200 baud...
    I think that should be easy due to the strong signals...8)

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC

    Hi SAT-friends,

    today I did my first test - BINGO!

    Sent and received first e-mails with the unregistered version of VARA.

    The SAT-link-calibration-function is super!

    Many thanks Roberto and Jose!

    Uplink: FT-857 / SCU-17 / SG-Lab-Transverter & PA (reduced to ~8W) / WIFI-planar-antenna RHCP (37x32cm) attached to a tripod on the windowsill.

    Downlink: 65cm offset-dish / mod. LNB with TCXO and 70cm output / FT-736R

    So far no GPSDO... ;)

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC