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    An updated version of relay control. Now it returns the status of relay after reading it. Also a state(n) function added that read the relay status.


    I want to PTT my Pluto or any other SDR from GNURadio using the USB relay board that used also to SDR-Console. This is an example GRC file that do this for one relay.


    What I found important (I am not a German ham Hi Hi) is to connect 0 V from incoming power supply directly to the chassis. Also all the connectors must directly connected to chassis (except of course the Ethernet ).


    Hi Gerhard OE3GBB ,

    The help is:

    ./ --help

    Usage: [options]


    -h, --help show this help message and exit

    -d DECIMATION, --decimation=DECIMATION

    Set Decimation [default=380]

    -e EAR, --ear=EAR Set Earphones hardware address [default=]

    -i IPADDRESS, --ipaddress=IPADDRESS

    Set IP address [default=]

    -m MIC, --mic=MIC Set Mic hardware address [default=]

    -r RXFREQ, --rxfreq=RXFREQ

    Set Rx center frequency (KHz) [default=739750]

    -b TX_BUFFER_SIZE, --tx-buffer-size=TX_BUFFER_SIZE

    Set Tx buffer size [default=15]

    -t TXFREQ, --txfreq=TXFREQ

    Set Tx center frequency (KHz) [default=430750]

    Just rename (mv it.

    There are two major bugs: audio is not all the time produced and there are instant stops of Tx.

    Hi Gerhard OE3GBB ,

    Nice !!! try to move the cursor to the right side of the screen. If it is desapears you have a second screen. If the cursor transformed to a double arrow, drag it to the left to be presented. If all these fails send me a screenshot (there is a tool in utilities).

    Hi Gerhard OE3GBB ,

    You have to follow the instructions at Link except for the gr-iio which must follow the rules that I mention at the previous post (the cmake command is different).

    Just wait, I will try to install Ubuntu 18.04 on a different machine and see if there is Grnuradio 3.7 in the package.


    Yes it exist. But you have to do (cmake is changed!!!):

    GNU Radio 3.7

    On Ubuntu 16.04 or newer GNU Radio can be installed from the package management. The installed version should be compatible with the gr-iio package build from source. Libiio and gr-iio may also be available from the package management, but to get the latest and most feature complete work, it’s recommend to build it from the latest github sources.

    git clone
    cd gr-iio
    cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr .
    make sudo make install
    cd ..
    sudo ldconfig

    Hi George, that is great news. What do I need to test? I allready do have a Ubuntu computer and a Pluto via ethernet.

    73 de Gerhard OE3GBB

    OE3GBB Nice!!! which version Ubuntu and GNURADIO do you have (I have 18.04 & 3.7)? Pluto is GPSDO clocked or have TCXO ? Pluto can RX and Tx at QO100 NB? If yes Rx is probably at 739.5-740. For Tx what is your frequency range? For PTT which method you use (when GPIO used Rx is not possible the same time as far as I know)? Can you Rx and Tx at the same time(I can do)? What is the IP address of the Pluto? My design goal is to do IP over QO100 using 44 class A address space.

    OE3GBB some successful tests are performed at 940 using GNURADIO for digital voice. QPSK with HDLC and CODEC2 at 2400. Differential encoding and bit scrabling are used. A Pluto is used via Ethernet is used for both Tx and Rx. MER is also calculated. If you are interested using an RTL the .py can be created for testing. Now is far from optimum but it works. All flowgraph is using existing 3.7 boxes. FEC is planned to be included.


    One tip I use is to listen to 10.6 GHz LNB Lo of nearby LNBs at 850 MHz with the wider bandwidth you can use. This verify that your receiving system works.