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    Hi Thorsten DL9SEC,

    About Scan&Tioune:


    By using both tuner inputs (A and B)? Or how does it work?

    the software uses both tuner but not always both input, we need one tuner for scanning, one tuner for "Tiouning" and lock on a frequency.

    you can choose which input you want for each tuner, same input can be chosen if you work on the same band for the 2 activities.


    You can receive a station on 437MHz ( input B) and scan QO-100 ( input A) at same time.


    you can receive a station on QO-100 ( input A) and scan 437 MHz ( input B) at same time.


    you can receive a station on QO-100 ( input A) and scan QO-100 ( input A) at same time.

    (this is what you can see on the picture joined in may precedent post.



    Would the Tiny Spectrum Analyser work with the Minitiouner-Express?

    no, it doesn't work with the Minitiouner-Express today.

    Minitiouner-Express is not completely compatible with MiniTiounerPro or MiniTiounerV2, so it complicates my work.

    I think most of my new software will not work any more with Minitiouner-Express.

    MiniTiounerV2 can also be compatible because it can be upgraded to allow it near same fonctionnality as MiniTiounerPro.

    Most of my new software are designed to evolve towards dual receiving, so dual TS possibility will be needed.

    Jean-Pierre F6DZP


    I am near the end of my work on "Scan & Tioune"

    Using a MiniTiounerPro or a MiniTiouner V2, you can scan and receive at same time.

    If you ask auto detection, CAll sign are written on the spectrum

    just click on the call sign and you get the station.

    So it will be available very soon now.


    Jean-Pierre F6DZP



    I have looked at your 2 screen shots (using V0.8s and V0.9beta8)

    It is normal that you receive with V0.8s and not with v0.9beta8

    * with the V0.8s we can see that the real frequency of your station is 747 543 kHz, you have asked 747 938 kHz so at about 400 kHz higher ,just the limit to lock a SR333 station (500kHz bandwidth wide)

    * with the v0.9beta8 you are asking for 748 195 KHz, at 650 kHz from the real frequency, too high for the derotator to reach the signal (500 kHz wide).

    So your problem is not the version of Minitioune, but the frequency asked that is not the same. I know I have to make a manual and explain how to use 3 things :

    - the ppm corrector in your minitiouneConfig.ini file

    -the procedure to do a good use of "adapt offset" and keep it

    - the "Copy freq found" that can recenter you on the good frequency

    It is normal that It is not evident for people that don't have exactly the meaning of what these parameters offer.

    I apologize, but had not yet time to write all explanation.

    Jean-Pierre F6DZP


    In 2 weeks the MiniTiounerPro V2 will be available.

    Many features can be found on this receiver:

    - ready for receiving 2 stations at same time (useful for Duplex on Oscar-100) using next Software Dualtioune.

    - 2 x RT5047 that produce 13v or 18v (400mA protected) for your LNA or LNB, one separate voltage for each different F-plug

    - the MinitiounerPro has a design that allows the lowest I2C noise , Minitioune refresh rate can be 100ms (max 180 ms with a very slow processor like the Atom processor in my Pluto or Chuwi Tablet)

    - 2 leds indicating TS1 and TS2

    - 2 leds indicating LNB A/B voltage

    - allows the use of LCD or Oled display

    - TS1 and TS2 parallel output => we can use for developing IP interface or direct transmission to a modulator or ...

    - 4 GPIO input/output

    - 8 output ( with 8 leds) to drive relays, preamplifier ... depending the RF band you are using


    The MiniTiounerPro V2 is ready for all future developments.

    In box:

    (Price is 99 euros)

    Jean-Pierre F6DZP


    We are preparing a new MiniTiounerPro_V2. it could be able to receive 2 channels at same time and has many others features ( 2xLNB chips...)

    It will be available to every one as it will be sold by REF but also by a private company.

    Jean-Pierre F6DZP


    I am just finishing Minitioune V0.9 with many new features forQO-100.

    I have to add the DVB-S2 option for my other software "DualTioune" that allows to receive 2 stations at same time using a MiniTiounerPro, MiniTiounerPro_v2 or MiniTiouner_V2_BATC+extension. (useful for duplex)

    Must work also to new features for the MiniTiounerPro_V2 that will be available in about 1 month. (with a solution for no REF members to buy it)

    After that, if I am no exhausted, I will see If I can take time for upgrading Tutioune1600, but I don't suppose that they are now only few people that continue to use it.It is really the worth to do it? ( MiniTiouners with Serit NIM can also receive 16APSK and 32APSK, can receive from 144MHz up to 2450 MHz without any converter- so direct 745MHz for QO-100- and also the dual channel possibility), and the driver for the TT-1600 is very old ( was for winXP) and not very easy to install under Win64

    Jean-Pierre F6DZP