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    I appreciate and respect your point of view.

    The classic approach of AMSAT in developing large, complex satellite systems was forced to change. The availability of affordable launches for large payloads has been significantly impacted. We continue to explore and investigate new opportunities.

    The launch affordability problem has grown more complex over the past twenty years. A new approach requires miniaturization, re-thinking our complex systems of the past, and integrating them into much smaller payloads. There is also the complexity of law (USA and International) regarding orbital debris mitigation and satellite lifetime.

    It is a common misconception that AMSAT is only interested in single channel FM, but I can understand why some people believe this. AMSAT was forced to reconsider and redesign systems from the path set forward in the 1970's.

    I believe that AMSAT has a vision to grow technologically. It will take time and a tremendous effort by many volunteers to succeed.




    Unbelievable. I am sorry to say but I no longer recognize the Amsat that formed me from the seventies onwards.

    Ciao, Lucio


    It's not believable because these statements are patently false or hyperbole.

    As Secretary of AMSAT, I have not received and am not aware of any application for member societies ("affiliate") denied.

    It is important to note that AMSAT as an organization is not opposed to Phase 4. This statement made above is entirely false. Why would an organization opposed to Phase 4 approve spending $100,000 for proof-of-concept testing on a launch that was never guaranteed? AMSAT invested because it believes in Phase 4 opportunities.

    It is nothing new that AMSAT-affiliated organizations are often bound by Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and cannot identify launch partners. When a launch has been identified and agreements reached, it is not assured that the amateur payload will ever visit the launchpad. Anyone can make claims about "potential launches" but until there is a manifested payload sitting on a launch vehicle, it is all talk.