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    I agree they could make it easier, I've gone through and these are the times for Europe

    5 June - 09:21, 10:54
    6 June - 08:58, 10:31
    12 June - 09:46, 11:19
    13 June - 09:23, 10:56
    20 June - 09:47, 11:20 (SSTV)
    26 June - 09:02, 10:35
    27 June - 08:39. 10:12

    Based on last weekend, the times are roughly around the same times as the passes and satellite was on each time

    Wish them well with recovery of the satellite, fingers crossed it can be restored to full operation, I certainly miss it for working across the Atlantic!


    Audio files below

    22/06/2019 1035 UTC -!Ape44qp3KTXPzy4E-2rHxAMutsa_

    27/06/2019 10:43 UTC -!Ape44qp3KTXP2HvTF844Z3sN2Ob_

    I'm really impressed how well FO-99 works, I'm based near to the coast and I can hear the satellite from AOS to LOS

    Setup is Wimo X-Quads, Polarisation Switching, Preamps, G-5500 and an ICOM IC-910H

    Many thanks to the team, look forward to trying RXing the SSTV periods but also next time the transponder is turned on for usage.

    Ha ha ! It shows that AMSAT USA (NA ?) is not interested and can't be bothered to tell it's subscribers that it was even working. I won't be renewing my subscription. The USA can be so insular.

    As this thread seems to have turned into an attack at AMSAT NA it's probably worth noting that just because an article has yet run that doesn't they are disinterested, gaining an article might well be harder due to the fact North America isn't in the footprint.

    Journals are always looking for content and I know from experience it can be hard work, if they merely gave it a paragraph some would have been upset over that.

    Cubesats won't just disappear now QO-100 is now available, AMSAT-NA have more cubesats in the pipeline waiting to launch thus some focus will be on this, just like AMSAT-UK content will be a mixed with QO-100 and Cubesats.

    This threads become quite off-topic and heated and isn't helping really.

    Peter, 2M0SQL