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    Sure! In the picture you'll see my homemade "connectors" using dual row, 2mm spaced pin array. Covered with hot melt glue. Original SMP output was located on the right of the circulator, ugly replacement SMA soldered instead. :) Could not find a SMP mating connector so I let it go.


    I'm using a TeliaSonera cellular amp which I stripped from an old base station system. It utilizes a couple of Ampleon BLF8G22LS-160BV with very poor efficiency. It is almost impossible to de-solder anything because the PCB is very thin and the 6 mm thick baseplate absorbs heat too well. Replacing the output SMP (P like Pee) to SMA was unsuccesful. X(I Just damaged the pcb.

    Now I'm taking power out from the circulator directly with a teflon coax.

    The pair of fets have very different biases. The other one warms up and draws a lot of current, about 50 watts of idle power warms up the shack.

    Nevertheless the system delivers 70 watts output (perhaps more).