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    Hello OM's

    Jim allowed to give more information, so here a copy from WB chat:

    Is anybody interested in building my BLC2425M9LS250 250 watt amplifier? See…_signals#Power_Amplifiers

    I have my first quote for PCB’s and will be able to send them to EU for about £40 GBP including postage. If anybody would like one then email me to go on the list I need to have orders for 20 to break even as I make no profit. I have 8 orders so far since yesterday

    Hello OM's,

    thanks for all your helpfull informations.

    Can some call their relative levels to the beacon level with their antennas and transmit power at CW?

    Would be nice to have comparisons.

    Here with 1W and 2x 4-el LHC as feed arround the Octagon and 80cm TV dish today about 6db under the beacon.

    By test today with only one 4el. horiz. direkt to O-100 level was 20db below CW beacon.



    Hello OM´s

    today I will show here my 2,4GHz feed together with a Octagon LNB in a 80cm offset low cost TV dish.

    This are two 4el PCB yagis from LZ5HP, nom. 2320MHz. Was a present to my bulk order.

    Changed the elements to 2400MHz by cutting. Feeding is LHC over 90deg phase shift left antenna. Combined by two L/4 75ohm RG179 cables.

    Difference between feeding my 80cm TV offset dish with one yagi (vertical or horizontal) to the LHC combination there is a gain of near 3dB measured over signal at the satellite. Seems all right with RHC polarisation. Shure, pointing to dish is not perfect.

    Before I used two dipoles in front of a reflector plane, see last picture. Result was 1-2dB less, because over illumination of the dish.

    two dipoles LHC, very simple feed at my beginning, ok for qso's with 100mW.