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    After some further tests I found a solution, as soon as I connect the minitiouner with both USB ports it works even if the CAT interface is not used by another application. It was no problem to reproduce that, with only one USB Cable connected to minitiouner and CAT not used problem is seen, as soon as I connect both USB ports it works.



    DD0KP Heiner, thank you for the hints, I checked this already, they have different IDs, Names etc. is different, except of the vendor ID, even the chip type is different FT2232H in minitiouner and FT232R on the CAT interface.

    Swap the Adapter is no option, like in the minitiouner it is build in the device (Funkamateur BX-120 - USB-TRX-Interface One).

    Tried already to remove all devices and drivers and replug them in different order, first the minitiouner but windows device manager still show the CAT interface as USB Serial Converter and the minitiouner as the USB Serial Converter A and USB Serial Converter B even if the device internal Names are different.


    is there anyway to force the minitoune software to use a specific/correct USB to serial connector??

    I have the problem that I sometimes get the message an incompatible Hardware is used. When narrow it down to find out what is the cause of this message I see that my CAT interface uses as well a USB to serial FTDI device and when both are connected and the CAT isn't already used by an other application it seems that minitoune try to use that FTDI device instead of the one from the minitoune pro V2 hardware.

    If I unplug the CAT device or it is already in use by some other application it works as expected. Now I search for any solution where I don't need to start an other application or unplug the USB cable to CAT interface before starting minitoune.

    Any idea/suggestion is welcome



    I had Lense 1 or 2 with my poty kits, when I compared it with the Lenses from an Inverto and a Venton Rocket LNB (3rd from right on picture above) the lens from Venton Rocket give the best result, the Inverto was the second best and than the one was send with the poty kit.



    Hello Piero,

    do you have a source for the frame you used for the 2,6" LCD??

    Searched of some while ago but couldn't find any. If you created your own is the stl file available somewhere or would you be so kind to make it available ??



    Hallo Heiner,

    ja, habe es korrigiert. Ich meine das mit ein OM mal sagte das beim Ft-736 nur vom TRX zu SDR-Console geht aber nicht anders herum. Bin mir da aber nicht 100% sicher. Bei meinem FT-897 ist das egal ob ich am TRX die TX QRG verstelle oder an der SDR-Console die RX-QRG, wenn das in den Einstellungen der Funktion External-Radio passend eingestellt ist wird die jeweils andere QRG sofort nachgezogen.

    Was nocht fehlt ist das beim senden die Empfangs-Lautstärke reduziert wird, ähnlich wie es mit einem Pluto beim senden ja geht. Hatte ich mal unter nachgefragt ist aber leider noch nicht umgesetzt, man kann nur Mute oder Reduzierung des IQ Data Level einstellen.




    ja, das geht mit der Funktion "External Radio" und der Software Omni-Rig.

    Habe ich mit FT-897D und SG-LAB TRV ohne Problem am laufen.

    I used a lens from an Inverto Rocket LNB it fit perfekt on the BaMaTech Patchfeed. When I compared the lenses on my, now used, Potty Feed the Venton was a bit better than the Inverto one but as it fit so perfekt I let it on the BaMaTech. See Picture below. I have the first version on the BaMaTech with SMA plug for the 10GHz, attached is modified GM201.


    thank you for the link, but didn't get VLC on the local PC to connnect to the MiniTiouner, with Multicast to other PC works fine.

    When try the settings as described on the the batc wiki page I get nothing, even can't see any packets with wireshark, VLC just say can't connect. Even when I switch off the firewall to check if this will block something it won't work with VLC and MiniTiouner running on same PC.

    Hardware is a MiniTiouner Pro V2 and Laptop with Win10.

    As well found nothing how I can view a second stream which was one of the reason why I bought the Pro V2.

    Any hint is welcome




    kann mich nicht mehr erinnern, aber es war >3db bei der BaMaTech im vergleich zu keiner Linse. Aber alles nur in SDR-Console Signal History als Peak auf der CW-Bake geschätzt. Nein habe den Feedhalter nicht geänder, ich habe die Offset Antenne neu gekauft und zugesehen das ich eine bekomme bei der der Abstand vom LNB Halter zum Feedarm möglichst groß ist. Es mag da noch bessere geben, aber bei der DUR-Line fand ich das Preis/Leistungs Verhältnis gut und die Art der Multi LNB Halterung gefiel mir.

    Damit ich nicht so viele "Schüsseln" am Balkon habe verwende ich auch nur eine Antenne für beides.

    DUR-line 85cm Offset auf QO-100 ausgerichtet und 7° Versetzt den Astra LNB. Zuvor hatte ich nur eine 40cm Technisat für Astra, mit dem neuen Setup habe ich sogar etwas bessere Empfangswerte als zuvor.

    Hier noch mit BaMaTech Patch mit externen GM-201 LNB für QO-100 und "normalen" LNB für Astra 19,2, da überlappte das Horn des LNB noch etwas den Reflektor der Patch Antenne.

    So sieht es aktuell aus, POTY für QO-100 und Inverto Rocket LNB für Astra 19,2

    Die Kappe ging bei mir auch nicht so einfach ab. Habe ein Tuch drum gelegt um Macken zu verhindern und sie dann mit Hilfe einer Wasserpumpenzange vorsichtig mit leichten Drehbewegungen abgezogen. Auf der BaMaTech Antenne habe ich die Linse von einem Inverto Rocket LNB verwendet weil der super passt.




    I use the the lenses of the Venton EXL-T LNBs, I have 2 of them, one from the old single LNB I use for RX and one from a newer Twin-LNB

    Be aware that the single LNB seems not available anymore, at least not as PLL based version and the Twin was anyway a DRO bases, so I just use the Lense of the TWIN LNB.

    I tested my Potty with 3 different Lenses and without. Don't wrie the results down, all I remember is that there was always 2-3db difference between the each step from one Lens to the next better one. Wich result here in about 7db between no lens and the best one.

    Tested with no Lens, the Lens send with the Potty, Lens from Inverto Rocket LNB and Venton Rocket LNB. Results was in that row from lowest to highest signal, user Antenna was the 70cm Offset dish. Be aware this was not perfectly measured, just take the signal history of SDR Console and checked for peak level of the CW beacon.

    If you have a BaMaTec Antenna I suggest to use the Lens from Inverto Rocket LNB as it fit best on the pipe instead of the original cap.

    I have nothing over the LNB, except of the original case I cut at the front. Only protect the Patchfeed to prevent getting water between the plates.

    At Home, Potty and Astra LNB

    Portable, Potty under 110mm drainpipe cap.

    Searching for some documentation/Handbook/staterguide or similar.

    I get the first steps done and would be able to RX a stream via QO-100 but would like to go to next level, i.e. there a 4 green/red lights in the bottom right area and all need to be green but what does it mean if a specific light is on red, how to show the video on external PC, how to RX a second signal and what is needed for it, just a second USB cable seems not the only this need to be done.

    So there are lots of questions if you are new to this. I found a video from Jean-Pierre on youtube seems to be a good explanation for some of the questions but as I don't understand frensh it didn't help much (YouTube - Minitioune pour les débutants).

    Didn't found a document, all I found till now, i.e. here in the foru or on, helped me to get initially started, but how to get deeper into this. Maybe I just didn't look on the right place.

    So if there is something explain the features and how to use them please give me a hint where I can find them.

    Yes, you can ;-)

    I use currently a Venton single LNB, same I use for NB. But as I would like to use both in parallel I will chang to another LNB soon.

    Only I had to do was to change the LO settings in the software from 9750MHz to 9750,45MHz like I did it in SDR Console. Without this change I wasn't able to RX signals with < 500KS.



    I have a case like shown here:…042311.0.0.11086c37FXPGME

    On backside I have the Antenna/USB/power plug.

    On frontside in the middle I would like to mount the Display , on the on left side power switch and power LED and on right side the LEDs for USB and LNB.

    If you ever seen a case where I made a square hole i.e. for some conector you would know why I would like to use bezel or frame. :-)

    It should cover the border of the hole and make sure there is a proper distance between the metal front and the circuitboard of the display.

    With google I found some for the 1.3" Oled or 2.2" LCD from Digole but not for the 2.6"