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    Drop them a mail and ask for it, worked fine for me. If you don't speak frensh, like me, google translate may help.

    That worked fine for me. I ordered via mail and paid via paypal and about 4-5 days later the parts arrived.




    using UCXlog as well, as for eqsl the propagation was not working as expected while it works for LoTW, I asked via support forum if that could be modified. I got a resonse within 1h that this was changed in 7.96 Beta3. Updated to that version and now it works fine as well on eqsl.

    So if you see same for your eqsl upload just updated to latest beta and you are done.



    I ordered 2 STAR COM SR-3602 mini via ali and the sender comeback that he will send me 2 Red STAR SR-3602 instead as the other are out of stock but the should be the "same". When I get them I open one of them and saw that the xtal had no value printed on and that it is a "normal" one and no SMD.

    I just tried it like Hans PE1CKK described it. Put all together and feed 25MHz from my GPSDO and it works fine. Tried it last weekend at a POTY Antenna and was happy, results was better than expected.

    Temperature might a reason, I use a Polin GM-201. It worked fine but past days where it start getting sunny and hot I had suddenly problem that LNB start to Jitter heavily and sometimes jump suddenly multiple KHz that the software stabilization from SDR console wasn't able to solve this. I modified the LNB to connect it to a BaMaTech Feed. For weather protection I put it into a IP54 junction box. When I open the box the LNB was very very hot, it burnt my fingers. So I leave the box open over day and it went back to an acceptable range where software stabilization works.


    same here ordered Transverter and PA on 10th March, get deliver time of 4-5 weeks. After some mails to get status about 6 weeks after order I got notification on 30th April it should be send out that week, at least I got the shipping notification with tracking number on 23rd May. So hopefully it will arrive before the public holiday next week.

    Anyway from what I read, saw and signals heard from stations using it I'm sure it is worth the waiting time.



    SWL - markro92 , tried with all the other smaller BW but it wasn't working better or result in waterfall getting red/yellow with no option die decrease the BB Gain as it is already on minimum. Can't believe that CPU is an issue, as I checked and it shown only about 30% CPU load. PC is a Lenovo L480 with a i7 8550u quad-core 8th gen. So very new and powerfull CPU.

    Will try some other transmitions later, to check if I can decode thoses.

    Thank you for the work on the software!

    DL5RDI, that is how I understood it. But take a while for me to know from which site to look ;-)

    I optimised the Skew like suggested from DH2VA and tested with actions descibed by ON7NDR and was at least able to get a video output, is still not clear an IQ Plot still don't look ok, as well buffer raise over time but not as fast as before. So it will look like pictures 2a or 2b anyway pic 3 show partly success, believe I have to low SNR to get a clean signal.

    Anyway thank you for all the support here, was very helpfull for somebody new in DATV

    DH2VA, hope so, did it on the NB when I installed the dish. Take the values from for Badr4/5/6 and then optimised by going left/right up/down till I had the strongest CW Beakon. Of course using 13,8V for vertical polarization at that time.

    But could retry the skew the way you suggested next days.

    On pictures you see my dishes, infront the 40cm for Astra, middel 33cm currently with TCXO modified Octago, last one the 75x80 with non modified Octagon. The last one I used for the WB tests, but when I receive my ordered TX equipment for NB I will replace this with a BaMaTech Duobandfeed, so no WB at that time.

    Unfortunately I have no other supported hardware then the RSP1A.

    Tested with carrier recovery gain set to 1, for a while I get nothing int he IQ Plot only a few random drops and sometimes I get a short flap of blue circle with less dots in the middle. After few minutes I then get same picture as above.

    Maybe signal is a bit weak, when I look on this in SDR-Console I see the WB beakon only with about 5-6db over noise.

    As well I saw that I can read the FEC values in the drop down. But this seems only cosmetic item.

    DH2VA , using a offset dish 70x80cm (w*h) test was done with a non modified Octagon Optima OSLO single LNB, tried as well with same LNB Type but modified with a TCXO.

    Bias-T with 18v to get correct polarisation for WB. About 5m cable and RSP1A. Free sight to satellite, no trees etc in front of Antenna. Used NB CW Beakon to get best RX result.

    Try with my RSP1A to decode the beacon with no success. Compared settings with the settings I found in this thread but not sure if correct. Mostly I get only a few dots in the IQ Plot. But with the settings shown on the screenshot I get more or less a circle or sqare, buffer raise until max reached and programm crash.

    PC is a Laptop with i7 qcore running Win10 64Bit.

    Any idea/hint which settings I need to change to get it working.