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    Naturally with unmodifiet LNB you have a lttle bit of wobble and also drift,

    but you can listen to a SSB QSO easyly.

    Sometimes use the VFO Knob to compensate the drift. Perhaps you can stable the LNB by put a PTC direkt on the xtal.

    I dont know the 67269, so i dont know how is wobbled.

    Best Way is to mod a LNB and use a tcxo or a gpsdo indoor.

    Hello all,

    GOOBAY 67270 works fine when you put him in a shadow, like in a Box that no Wind cool them down or Sun heat him up.

    Also easy to modificate, only desolder the xtal an put 2,2 µH and 18 pF to the PLL.

    I am using the Triplexer from the Forum here and the Leo Bodnar GPSDO.

    use the following Frequencies for the PLL give Output on >>>

    26.525640 MHz >>> 144,550 MHz

    25.787172 MHZ >>> 432.550 MHZ

    23.699998 MHz >>> 1246.550 MHz

    There is no Diverence in the Output S/N, messured with ICOM IC-R8600@2,7kHz BW.