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    OK COLIN !!!!!!!!

    the error was idd PLUTO.LOCAL

    i fix it in the config and now works fine directly thanks a lot and also to other members have a nice day thats hamspirit and i loved it

    Best qo100 grtz from the belgium COAST the ON7ATV

    Hello Achim

    Well like you say, i test here also the pluto sound usb and others via a external 5 volt psu connected on a usb adapter the psu have 3 amps so also the pi4 works on a externel psu thats give a lots of amps at 5 volt,thats not the problem here i take a olther pi3 for see whats happend. and its the same if i do info in the portsdown4 it haves me usb info and say usb cam,usb dongle sound is connected,

    and test my 2 plutos on the system with diffrent fimware in and 2cpus and a bandw too 6 gig.

    Its strange, have no idea whats wrong???? if i connect the plutos in sdr console tey works fine also over the usb ethernet.

    hope to find a solution here hi hi hi hi best grtz the Alain ON7ATV

    Hello all. friends. from the QO100 im now 2 years busy here with difrents projects and test in nb and wb.

    so i have a pi4. new. make a sd card set the ssh already ok. do all what the website sats about install langstone. pi software, are the updates and installs are correct and after that the pi reboots and begin to the langstone soft on the pi touchscreen.

    well i try all what i can. other sdcards. other pi4. other pluto ,and. more and more.

    the problem is all the other usb parts working. like webcam lime mini and usb audio if i test.

    but the program say evrytime. found not adalm pluto ....... what do i wrong. or. forget im. is there a special firmware needs for that in the pluto so yes. wish.

    Thanks. for answer on this. msg here and hope its running well in a lots of hours, bestgrtz and be safe the Alain. ON7ATV


    PROBLEM SOLVED try at last on cmd in windows and with bat file reflashd it to 0.31 and works again everyone thanks for help !!!!!

    ok Good morning Heiner i prg a notebook to linux and try the procedure that i see hope its back to life 73's and thanks for info !!!!

    Hello everyone here the ON7ATV damn get my pluto friday here so think this evening go to update it all fine whats happend the led is flash good and quick so all good then my desktop go out and now a pluto just led1 on and see nothing on the device more ??? how helps me for set it back if possible normal i use a lime but will test on the 2 systems thanks a lot the Alain