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    thanks everyone, able to get the beacon temporarily, Minitouner is excellent.

    Appears my dish has physical damage after thrown away by strong wind, the focus has shifted. if i change the focus by bending the LNB support rod, i am getting >5 db C/N, if left unforced the C/N is coming around 1.9-2.5 dB

    The bandwidth is 2.4 Mhz .

    with 12 V via Bias Tee

    with 18 V via Bias Tee

    The SSB signal is not getting reduced when applied 18V, in fact signal is getting boosted.

    I have not applied skew angle (for my location in Bangalore ,it is 73 deg). Probably

    1: i need to manually rotate the LNB and find the point of maximum and minimum signal. The minimum SSB signal point can be H . Probably voltage switching is not effective or as i have not put skew angle (i have set to 0 deg ) as required , the result is non -reception of DVB signal.

    I have SDRPLAY RSP2/RSP1A,PLUTO SDR and Minitouner, but without proper setting SDR would not much of help. Let me manually rotate to find V,H settings and then look for spectrum in wide band using SDRPLAY or Pluto SDR.


    Good day to all. I have been receiving SSB(NB) voice from QO-100 but unable to receive DVB-S2 signal.

    My Setup


    1: SDR#/SDR Console

    2: 65 CM DTH DISH (offset)


    4: Bias Tee

    5: USB to 12 V DC-DC boost cable

    6: 19 V Laptop Power Adapter

    (One for V and other for H modulation switching)

    7: Connectors

    8: LNB 40 dB,LNB 70 dB

    9: Generic DVB-S2 Receiver KOQIT Mini

    10: MiniTouner Express

    11: My location is Bangalore, India


    260 Deg


    30 Deg


    73 Deg

    The SSB voice reception is good but i am unable to see DVB-S2 spectrum on the SDR program(while using SDRPLAY RSP1A).

    The polarization switching is done by feeding 19 V to LNB via bias tee. Even after feeding 19 V , i could see only NB signal not WB signal. I tried HW and sw decode (leandvb@pabr,DVB-S GUI@Marko) of DVB signal (though it does not make sense)

    I am not sure what i am doing wrong. Could some one help.

    Best Regards