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    Umbau Nokia - Siemens PA mit BLF 8G22LS-160BV.


    apologies for my writing in translation

    After a 1 year standstill, I picked up the famous pa umts with the two BLD6G22L (the same one found on numerous posts on the net) to transit on the satellite in datv.

    These are the problems I have encountered and am asking for help:

    - Launching power the same power supply would sit and go from 28V to 14V, this suggests many things, but by slightly unscrewing the PA circuit the problem was eliminated.

    - With the two driver boards (tested in TX alone so working) the PA does not work, remaining cold (I have no suitable measuring instrument to check anything else).

    I have not made any other modifications apart from the input and output connectors

    I would like to point out that the pluto works regularly by testing it locally.

    My knowledge is limited to do anything else but it baffles me that the exact same problems are strangely the same with an identical PA taken to make up for some electronic problem with the former.

    Has anyone experienced the same difficulties?


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