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    Meanwhile I've modified several LNBs for external LO feed. Therefore I use the NB output to supply the LNB with 25MHz, DC and of course the downlink.

    Using my 27 MHz HD-Line HD-BP2 gives me still a DATV Beacon MER of 10.7dB.

    The following LNB are not as good as the HD-BP2, I loose about 1dB (!) sensitivity:

    OCTAGON Twin Green HQ, Model: OTLG GreenHQ, no Serial No. T1015, SPT SP4202HN, 25 MHz X-Tal,

    like OE2ROL did:


    Same as AMSAT shows here: OPTICUM LTP 04H Twin LNB

    In all cases the Leo Bodnar GPSDO was used. I tried to optimise the LO Power, but still no improvement compared to my old LNB.

    To Try: Diavolo Twin. Transformer missing. See here:…lnb-f%C3%BCr-externen-lo/

    I want to change, because my own GPSDO will have 10 MHz + 25 MHz.

    Any suggestions? Please let me know. Thank you.




    ; adresse UDP pour transférer le TS

    ; UDP address for TS transfer


    ; UDP address for TS


    ; you can try a virtual address if you have no Ethernet or Wifi connexion



    ; local IP used for sending the TS

    ; mettre ici l'IP que vous utilisez pour faire l'envoi : localIP

    ; cela sert dans le cas ou vous avez plusieurs réseaux locaux comme chez moi

    ; un réseau wifi pour Internet et un réseau local en ethernet



    ; TS_Port_auto_incremented: yes or no => if you run several instances of Minitioune, port number will be automatically changed ( no need to have several .ini)


    Start minitioune, choose program to watch.

    Enable these:

    Start VLC.

    In VLC:

    Media -> Open Media -> Network: Network Proctocol (Netzwerkprotokoll bei mir) udp://@

    Play (Wiedergabe)


    Good luck & 73.

    I tried in 2019 as far as I remember there wasn't any improvement. WB beacon is 10.7dB MER but I know that it could be 11.7dB. That is the value DG0OPK (I think he was it) achieved with his 1.2m dish & setup. Clear sky and empty transponder of course.

    The original feedhorn of my dish is still available but this does not fit to all LNBs I've available. May be the dish is not as exact as it was in the late 80ties. It's the same dish as Goonhilly uses.

    Using background music in your DATV transmission (if you do):

    • You have to follow copyright rules and GEMA (SUISSA in HB, and different companies like those in different countries). Simply: you must have the rights.
    • If you use samples in your music, look for the conditions that may apply. Often it's complicated.
    • If you do not have the rights, don't transmit this content. This applies to any material (videos as well).

    Personally I'm interested in videos of DX-expeditions as example. Had seen some.

    I liked the BATC weekend stream which was very interesting (thanks to MJW-Mike) some time ago. A lot of good presenters had been there. Great!

    73 Mike

    Jean-Pierre, it worked. Great. Now for an unknown reason I cannot reason VLC cannot read the stream udp:// OBS can. Sometimes. DB0HEX (rtsp:// works. But not in OBS. Sometimes. It's confusing.

    I've Win10 20H2. After this update, some things are different as they were before.

    A computer connected to the internet has to be up to date. But I hate the trouble you often have after updates.

    73 Mike

    OK. I found the vlc problem. After reinstalling 32&64bit VLC all my network "presets" were erased. For an unknown reason vlc needs an @ in the command line: udp://@ This is different to OBS and confused me.

    Yes, interesting indeed. Please let us know.

    A 2.4 GHz low loss lowpass could be something mechanical (big). May be Achim DH2VA could have an idea. Or someone else.

    An 2.4 GHz circulator will have insertion loss. I think out of band it has much more attenuation which is helpful here.

    73 Mike

    How can I use VLC 32bit in parallel with 64bit? I've OBS-64bit and this requires 64bit VLC (because of VLC input streams) . If I install 64bit even in a different path, 32bit is somehow deactivated and minitioune does not work.

    If I install VLC 32bit, OBS doesn't have VLC as input source anymore.

    I could copy the required 32bit DLLs into the minitiouner path if I know which ones (and if it works).

    Any ideas? Without installing a 32bit OBS?

    Regards, Mike


    Can you check your spectrum up to 12-13 GHz somehow? May be there's something spurious you wouldn't expect.

    Or harmonics (did you measure?):

    2405MHz x 4 = 9620MHz; will probably not fit into the waveguide. Not sure.

    2405MHz x 5 = 12025MHz; will pass the waveguide. Could overdrive the LNB stages.

    The noise increase is not independent from output level, when does it start (level)?

    How long is the waveguide of your POTY? Did you shorten it?

    73 Mike

    If you look for ffmpeg binaries, you may find this page useful:

    I understood that there are "static" versions containing big .exe file and

    shared version with a lot of single .dll files.

    But there are GPL and LPL version as well (something related to copyright) and"vulkan" versions like (most current build from today as example).

    When is which version making sense?

    vulkan is something related to hardware acceleration of the graphics card? Please can someone more experienced than me


    Is it an advantage when using a nVidia GTX1050...80, GTX1650/60 or better?

    Thank you.

    73 Mike

    Robert, 0.9b works surprisingly. 1.0b didn't.

    But I found a solution:

    Delete folder =>


    then it works again. After closing live tune, new parameters are stored again correctly.

    -USERNAME- is your user name.

    I've still no idea what happened. But it is fixed for now. 73 Mike

    Hallo Andreas,

    das muss gehen. Bei mir sind es ca. 32 Grad Elevation und mit 2W+POTY+60cm OFS 6dB unter der Bake (mit meiner portabel Station).

    Mich irritiert, dass du dein Signal im WebSDR wahrnehmen konntest, aber sonst nirgends.

    Ich habe einen Test mit einem variable attenuator gemacht an meiner festen Station, 2W+POTY+1.2m OFS (genau Bakenpegel) und konnte über 30dB abschwächen und ich war noch hörbar (im eigenen SDR zusehen), aber im web SDR war nichts mehr da. Also genau umgekehrt, wie bei dir. Oder habe ich das falsch gelesen?

    Ebenso ist der Beitrag von DJ7WL ermutigend!

    Wenn du einen Skedpartner für Versuche brauchst, schreibe mir. Das kriegen wir alle zusammen schon hin.

    73 Mike