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    I found out meanwhile:

    The F5OEO FW stores information somewhere in the flash that is not overwritten by an FW update.

    I've a second pluto and FW beta 2020-02-05 works. The other -SDR-Console is not working pluto- was programmed again with

    1. analog devices original FW 0.31

    2. F5OEO firmware 20191220 (and it worked!!!)

    3. F5OEO firmware beta 20200205, and fails again to operate with SDR console.

    I checked the pluto.php site on my browser and found out that my individual settings (callsign) I did store

    to flash using the F5OEO firmware are still available. They survived all programming I did!

    So I assume that something is stored somewhere in the file system that causes the problems and crashes SDR-Console.

    Does someone know to reset the pluto to "factory defaults"? My search was not successful up to now.

    Well, I've a similar problem. SDR-Console (V3.0.23 27.5.2020) does not work at all. It even crashes.

    1. Pluto - latest official FW, 70-6000MHz and 2nd CPU mod.

    2. F5OEO beta for the brave FW (Feb.2020)

    3. PTT HW mod from BATC done

    4. Ethernet adaptor USB3 with RTLsomething53

    DATV (what I want to use the pluto mainly for...) - works. Tested in the lab, 333kS, receiving with minitiouner. Stable. PTT

    works, but has to be toggled once after start of pluto. It starts always with transmitting but without putting the PTT relay on

    (another but different issue).

    So far, so good.

    Now a friend asked me for help using his pluto for SSB and SDR-Console (3.0.22 he uses). I tried to do what he did and failed.

    SDR console does not contact the pluto via ethernet. No reaction. I tried USB, did the search and the pluto was found.

    But starting the pluto via USB leads to a crash of the SDR-Console.

    OK. Then I took another fresh pluto out of the box, brand new, unmodified (HW+SW). Connected to the USB-Ethernet adaptor,

    played along with Console's settings and it works (tried 23cm).

    So there must be something related to the f5oeo firmware, may be some configs or drivers. But I don't know what.

    Who can help?

    Mike (G0MJW) wrote that it works for him. I'm confused now.

    Regards Mike (DL1GNM)


    Now I know the type of my old dish and some technical data:

    Hirschmann - CSA 1212 G

    Polarmount - CPM 1200 B

    Feedmount - CDB 1200 G

    Diameter d = 1,20m

    f = 11.325 GHz

    noise temperature @ 30° el. = 30 K

    G/T (with 1.5dB NF of LNB)

    gain = 40.6 dBi

    beamwitdh (-3 dB) <= 1.5°

    weight = 29.8 kg

    wind load = 1.3 kN (@800 N/m^2, c =1.2)

    I'll try different LNBs soon. May be it will bring me some improvements.

    Could be that the GPSDO (27MHz for the HD-BP2) degrades the signal quality somehow.

    G0MJW: your dish size is > 1.2m I guess Mike?

    Thank you so far. It's interesting, what is available. The taiyo yuden filter for example. Currently this is not available (mouser, digikey).

    Small, affordable and a quite good attenuation.

    Meanwhile we discussed the AMSAT up converter in combination with a 28-432 MHz transverter.

    But keep on posting interesting solutions.

    73 Mike

    We know all that IF=28 MHz isn't a good choice. DX-Patrol gives the option but writes a filter is needed then (or you should...).

    52 MHz (50...54) will be a little bit better.

    I use 432MHz, but I asked for someone else who has no 2m or 70cm transmitter.

    Achim, I know that kind of filter. May be from UHF Unterlage (DJ9HO et al...). But if you don't have the tools in your own workshop at home...

    Thanks so far.

    Thanks for moving my question to this thread that I did not find...

    The Opticum is an idea, the horn has to be removed b a saw to use a 20/22mm fitting to bring it to the POTY.

    It's for a friend that I cannot visit for known reason. So I give him an idea what to order that will work.

    My station is fine.

    Because he has a vy good HF rig I asked for a "special" bandpass as well (28MHz IF is not a good idea). But this is an other topic.

    Opticum LTP04H would work by SDR-Console's beacon tracking I guess? Then this would be a good starting point.

    Dish, POTY+LNB.

    Transmit will be done in a second step.

    73 Mike

    LNB change faster than you can buy them. Mine works, but I'm frequently asked by newcomers for QO-100,"Which one I should get?" Good working models like the nice and small VENTON EXL-S or the "old" and famous Octagons are not available any more.

    So, I'm asking.

    What about a listing in this topic like this (but not filled with discontinued ones like my example)?

    Type: VENTON EXL-S

    Where to get:…40mm-Feed-Single-LNB-01dB

    Date of Order: 2019-07-28

    Comments: single LNB, works UFB, no wobbling, easy to adopt to POTY. (This is a discontinued one. Sadly.)

    73 Mike

    Hello Nader,

    Watching the WB Transponder you'll need the capability of DVB-S2 and very low symbol rates. If it's old, it can't do DVB-S2 (and probably only down to 2000KS/s).

    I decided to use a Minitiouner Pro V2 with the F6ZZP software.

    Have a brief look here:

    To watch TV you'll need drivers (where to get ?!) and a DVB application like the technisat program, progdvb or similar.

    Perhaps somebody know the exact Model of your card. Then it's easier to find the right software+driver package.

    May be this one:…n/352-515/?productID=7705

    I found a german installation manual, see page 10. The photo looks similar to yours.…

    A hint if you install drivers: please do clone your windows harddisk. I had some bad experience in my past during a crash of the software. i could reinstall windows many times. Since then I use an imager for my hard drive.

    Best regards, Mike