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    I completed the conversion of replacement the DXpatrol PA into a SGlabs PA in the DXpatrol groundstation (old type). i give a solid 12-14 watts output power. Besides a slightly major mechanical transformation with an extra cooling plate installed, the job was pretty 1:1 to do. The experiment with an extra SG5189 amplifier and bandfilter with attenuator did not give extra power as expected.

    Just straight forward 1:1 build in worked fine.

    Dear Guy,

    I have the same setup with DXpatrol groundstation and IC-705. My max power input at 432Mhz is 25% (2,5 watt) and get a 7-9 watt output with the original internal PA.

    Dirk DH7DHB already mentioned the P38 adjustment.

    Lately I blew up the internal PA and replaced it, almost 1:1, by a SGlabs V3 PA with good results, now I have a solid 12-14 watts output.




    Dear Thorsten,

    Although this is a thread from 3 years old, i can enlighten you with some information. I blew up the PA from my DXpatrol QO-100 groundstation (old version) and was also thinking of replace it by a SG-Labs V3 one.
    The output from the DXpatrol transverter board is about 25-60 mW (P38). That is a perfect powerlevel for the SG-lab PA (max 50mW input). I tried already in lose components at the workbench, and it gives 12 real watts to the antenna connector at 24 volts into the analyser.

    The original DXpatrol claims 10-12 watts, but I have never seen that on the analyser. 7-8 watts at highest level. For the extra PTT/VOX pin on the SGlabs is no need to connect somewhere. If the readings at the front are matching, I have still to discover that, drill the extra holes in the SG-labs ans so on.

    Maybe someone out there is searching for this modification and can now find a acknowledgement for doing it .

    My extra 2 cents:

    An extra thought is placing an extra Chinese small amplifier PCB and an extra PCB fingerfilter and push it to 20 watts. But I suppose that it then suffers from enough cooling in the standard box.


    Jugo PA1AIS