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    Good day all,

    Following IS0GRB, I would like to announce that I have also set up a winlink RMS on QO-100 at a other part of this globe.

    It would be interesting to be able to carry out tests for sending and receiving emails, useful for those travelling by mobile, in caravan or in navigation where internet is not accessible. VARA-SAT wide mode for high-speed file transfers.

    Or useful in local disaster area's without any infrastructure left where EmComm can make a difference.

    The system is half GPS-DO locked, TX with a IC705 and DX-patrol, and RX with a SDRplay with beacon-lock and Bullseye LNB. Separate 120 cm disches for RX & TX.
    The system runs on a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 or LFP) with 270AH capacity. Any use or comment of this system is appreciated.

    This QO-100 Winlink VARA RMS is a pilot project for the "EmComm Friesland" group. As many people already know, Friesland is a part of the Netherlands and is mostly below sea-level behind the dikes! With the global sealevel rising and In the unlikely event of flooding, we assume that no local or national infrastructure will survive this or Wil at least fade out. Friesland is not covered by any ARES service yet.


    Jugo PA1AIS

    I completed the conversion of replacement the DXpatrol PA into a SGlabs PA in the DXpatrol groundstation (old type). i give a solid 12-14 watts output power. Besides a slightly major mechanical transformation with an extra cooling plate installed, the job was pretty 1:1 to do. The experiment with an extra SG5189 amplifier and bandfilter with attenuator did not give extra power as expected.

    Just straight forward 1:1 build in worked fine.

    Dear Guy,

    I have the same setup with DXpatrol groundstation and IC-705. My max power input at 432Mhz is 25% (2,5 watt) and get a 7-9 watt output with the original internal PA.

    Dirk DH7DHB already mentioned the P38 adjustment.

    Lately I blew up the internal PA and replaced it, almost 1:1, by a SGlabs V3 PA with good results, now I have a solid 12-14 watts output.




    Dear Thorsten,

    Although this is a thread from 3 years old, i can enlighten you with some information. I blew up the PA from my DXpatrol QO-100 groundstation (old version) and was also thinking of replace it by a SG-Labs V3 one.
    The output from the DXpatrol transverter board is about 25-60 mW (P38). That is a perfect powerlevel for the SG-lab PA (max 50mW input). I tried already in lose components at the workbench, and it gives 12 real watts to the antenna connector at 24 volts into the analyser.

    The original DXpatrol claims 10-12 watts, but I have never seen that on the analyser. 7-8 watts at highest level. For the extra PTT/VOX pin on the SGlabs is no need to connect somewhere. If the readings at the front are matching, I have still to discover that, drill the extra holes in the SG-labs ans so on.

    Maybe someone out there is searching for this modification and can now find a acknowledgement for doing it .

    My extra 2 cents:

    An extra thought is placing an extra Chinese small amplifier PCB and an extra PCB fingerfilter and push it to 20 watts. But I suppose that it then suffers from enough cooling in the standard box.


    Jugo PA1AIS