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    ha5cvz Miklos if you are using an unmodified LNB first enter the offset of 9.750 MHz.

    Then look on which frequency you find the psk beacon. Then adjust the offset so, that the beacon is on 10.489.800 Then just look on the psk beacon and enjoy..:thumbup::thumbup:

    Good evening Heiner!, many thanks for your fast answer, in this case I think my LNB is defect or broken because I not see any signals... anyways, I will try with an another LNB, Vy 73, Miklos.

    Hi Wolfgang!, I would like to know what frequency do you fix in SDR console to heard QO100 signals?, btw I have not to much success with my GOOBAY Single LNB 67269. Thanks in advance for your answer, vy 73, Miklos.