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    I have a mix of results with Chinese electronic devices. Never bought a Baofeng HT and never will but, I admire those scientists behind its creation. By using the 437.065MHz 24th harmonic, I was giving the chance to witness how much my Octagon Optima OTLSO improved after incorporating the upgrade suggested by G0MRF. The 27MHz Connor Winfield TCXO makes it pretty drift free if compared to what it once was.

    I also use the 739MHz to 144MHz downconverter by G0MRF. You may say I can get by with a NooElec us$35 SDR and a computer instead of my all mode 2m rig. I do agree but I don't have plans to either sell the radio or give up on its bells and whistles including the VFO knob feeling. Let's say I like sailboats and horse riding.😃

    Having said that, watch the two videos I recently uploaded and make your conclusions. Comments are welcome. I do appreciate your return.


    Luciano PT9KK


    Email me, please. I'll help you as much as I can.

    The G0MRF mods were mentioned on an AMSAT-UK Journal.


    I've fully understood your point-of-view. I'm building another project which offers better frequency stability and I'm quite satisfied with the results I've achieved so far.

    Last but not least, this seems to be the proper place to exchange information. As y'all may be aware of, I'm located in such a place that the satellite will be at Elev.: 0.6°. I must get every little bit of signal to hear the NB transponder.

    73 Luciano PT9KK

    Good morning to y'all!

    I've modified my Octagon Optima OTLSO according to G0MRF design. It is all within the unit and there is no need to feed it from the shack.

    Few passive components, a voltage regulator and a TCXO.

    Should you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact me via email or @luciangasparini