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    I don't see that there is any issue with operating full duplex in any mode that is allowed by the bandplan. I operated full duplex occasionally on SSB on AO-13 and AO-40. The only difference is that this is being done with FreeDV. I think QO-100 is a great way of advancing the hobby with experimentation and it should be encouraged.

    At Ham-Radio, the dishes used by AMSAT-DL had rather nice stickers on them. They said “AMSAT-DL P4-A QO-100” and the AMDAT-DL logo.

    I see that the shop sells branded mugs and pens, how about selling those stickers or something similar for us to put onto our dishes and equipment racks?

    The way I got my azimuth correct was to use the Sun. I worked out for a period of a few days when the Sun would be the same azimuth as the satellite and used that time to ensure that the shadows of the feed were in line with the rest of the dish. Then I only had one degree of freedom to worry about.

    If you have already received Astra 19E and BADR then you will know the elevation calibration offset, so use that information to set the correct elevation of the dish beforehand.

    Once you have the system on the correct frequency for the NB transponder, I found aligning the dish to be easy, it is a string signal even with some off pointing.

    That was an excellent dinner, and it was fantastic to be able to chat with people like Achim DH2VA in a more relaxed manner than was possible at the AMSAT-DL stand.

    I have two observations though:

    1. There were many seats booked but people didn't show up. Would it not make sense to charge a deposit (say €10) to encourage people to follow through with their commitment. Maybe refundable up to 24 hours before the dinner?

    2. The prices on the dinner menu were much higher than shown in the standard menu. I think approximately 20% more. I know that restaurants have a service charge for big groups, but that does seem excessive.

    I will be there for next year.

    There was a QO-100 meeting at Rosmalen in NL a few months ago and over ten people turned up. Only problem we have on Saturday night is that the weather forecast isn't good, so we'll probably have to be indoors :-( So we can't fill a nice open space.

    It'll be great to see you again Achim, de HB9DRD.

    I have a dual output Leo Bodnar GPSDO, which works well. Unfortunately it doesn't have the flexibility I had hoped for in terms of output frequencies. I currently having it running at 25 MHz (for my LNB) and 10 MHz (for later use).

    I would love to be able to program other frequencies near to 25 MHz so that I can test the LNB outputting directly on 2m or 70cms, or nearby. So I'm thinking, what oscillators are available which can generate arbitrary frequencies in the 25 MHz area, and preferably accept a fixed frequency output from the GPSDO for stability?

    I am looking for oscillator modules from eBay or similar rather than build it yourself. Any software programming, maybe via an external Arduino, needed is not a problem for me.

    Can I have your thoughts and experiences?