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    The most likely problem is a recent windows update as changed the LAV codecs to use the Microsoft own codecs

    Download win7DSFilterTweaker_63 this will show you which codecs are being used by various software and it also gives the option to change the codecs in use for given software.

    Hope it helps

    73 Keith GU6EFB


    I have been given this PA module is anybody able to help identify it?

    The pre-driver is a M6S4 the driver amp is a AFT20P060 and the amplifier is a pair of BLF8G22LS-22.

    The data sheet for the BLF8G22LS-22 give the frequencies from 2110 MHz to 2170 MHz. Not sure how far it could be moved.

    Dose anyone have or used one of these?

    73 Keith GU6EFB

    Hi Group

    I need to order some more MW7IC2725 Mmic devices has anyone got a good recommendations for a reliable supplier?

    I have had some good units but also some bad Mmics so its hit and miss.

    73 Keith GU6EFB

    Hi Thomas

    Thanks for the reply

    The only ref to LEILA for QO-100

    "No uplinks should result in downlink signals that are stronger than these beacons. In the event that such signals are detected, they will be marked by a “LEILA” siren. When they have been marked by “LEILA”, operators should immediately reduce their uplink power (ERP)."

    73 Keith

    Hi Heiner

    As LEILA is implemented how is it working on QO-100 as last night their was some huge signals well above the beacon levels with no sign of LEILA that I could detect.

    Is LEILA being implemented the same way as on AO-40 with an audible warning?

    73 Keith GU6EFB

    Hi Group

    I have a 13CM Spectrian amplifier board which I believe is about 60 watts output this is the board with the three LDMOS devices.

    The one thing that I can’t find is the connection details. I have tried using Google lot of pictures but no real useful information that I have found.

    Could some tell me the following info?

    DC Power connections.

    Bias connection and bias voltage and what to set the bias current too.

    RF drive level.

    There is also a small 10 pin header again is there any useful information i.e. fwd /ref power or temp?

    Any pointers or links to find the information would be most welcome.

    73 Keith GU6EFB