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    Hi all,

    Just installed a new dish-antenna, prime focus 180cm.

    The beacon give me a MER of 11.4 on this moment.

    Now is my question is this a good value for my dish-antenna?

    I have no reference so no way to check that number.

    But what is MER, how is that calculated?

    Means 3dB MER more also double the power, same as by a HF-amplifier



    dj0abr Kurt can you give me a clue on this error

    ( The ./build_RTLSDR works perfect and a nice WebSDR in my browser, but with the ./build_SDRplay it is generating a error )

    root@WebSDR:~/QO-100_SSB-WebSDR_DATV-WebSpectrum# ./build_SDRplay

    rm -f *.o websocket/*.o qo100websdr

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c qo100websdr.c -o qo100websdr.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c sdrplay.c -o sdrplay.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c fir_table_calc.c -o fir_table_calc.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c wf_univ.c -o wf_univ.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c websocket/websocketserver.c -o websocket/websocketserver.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c websocket/ws_callbacks.c -o websocket/ws_callbacks.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c websocket/base64.c -o websocket/base64.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c websocket/sha1.c -o websocket/sha1.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c websocket/ws.c -o websocket/ws.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c websocket/handshake.c -o websocket/handshake.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c audio.c -o audio.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c setqrg.c -o setqrg.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c rtlsdr.c -o rtlsdr.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c timing.c -o timing.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c fifo.c -o fifo.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c ssbfft.c -o ssbfft.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c cat.c -o cat.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c civ.c -o civ.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c wb_fft.c -o wb_fft.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c ssbdemod.c -o ssbdemod.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c setup.c -o setup.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c beaconlock.c -o beaconlock.o

    cc -g -o qo100websdr qo100websdr.o sdrplay.o fir_table_calc.o wf_univ.o websocket/websocketserver.o websocket/ws_callbacks.o websocket/base64.o websocket/sha1.o websocket/ws.o websocket/handshake.o audio.o setqrg.o rtlsdr.o timing.o fifo.o ssbfft.o cat.o civ.o wb_fft.o ssbdemod.o setup.o beaconlock.o -lpthread -lm -lmirsdrapi-rsp -lfftw3 -lfftw3_threads -lsndfile -lasound -lrtlsdr

    /usr/bin/ld: rtlsdr.o:(.bss+0x8): multiple definition of `lastsdrqrg'; sdrplay.o:(.bss+0x28): first defined here

    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

    make: *** [Makefile:14: qo100websdr] Error 1




    DB2OS, or some else who can give a answer.

    The question may not belong here but I was curious.

    What kind of equipment is used for the NB / WB uplink transmitter probably not a Pluto and/or Portsdown......

    Or is there a link with more info about the used equipment/antenna used power and so on.



    DB8TF Thanks for the sw update, i can now read the data into my Raspberry-Pi. One question remains, how can i fix the ATT settings. I have a 30dB coupler but after every reboot of the Nano the ATT setting jumps back 60dB and my 30dB setting is lost.




    Will the software from your 2.4GHz Power Meter be extended (or is it already somehow available) so that the values in dB and/or Watt will also be available at the serial port.

    (Any way your 2.4GHz power meter is working fine.)