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    DM5RM Hi Roland,

    yes, very mysterious things are already happening inside Pluto. It would be interesting to know whether a commercial SA produces the same results and which spurious waves are actually generated by Pluto. In my 2.4GHZ-PA, a multi-circuit filter ensures the suppression of secondary waves, but only if they are outside the passband 8)

    DM5RM Hi Roland,

    thanks for the hint. What I am missing is a manual for the software with an explanation of the individual operating functions or a help function. Otherwise the software is an excellent addition to the other pluto programs.

    What irritated me: as soon as you set the Span to 61MHz, you can see another signal at 2407.8 MHz only about 10dB weaker than the one at 2400MHz. With a Span of 60MHz this signal is not activ. Depending on the span and generator frequency, signals appear below or above the generator frequency with different levels. If pluto generat this continuously, it would be fatal, as this signals could appear in the DATV band.

    Hi George,

    that's exactly what I did. I wanted to use the analyzer to examine Pluto's output signal. Apparently the internal crosstalk is so high that even without an external bridge the Tx signal can be seen along with plenty of spurious waves. My Pluto is housed in an aluminum box. The crosstalk seems to be already happening on the Pluto board, which does not speak for good RF quality.

    Hi Frank, of course you are right. That also occurred to me later. I took the measurements in the DATV reception position. The signals from the NB are therefore several dB weaker. :)

    Hi Robert,

    where can I get Evaristes Adalm-Pluto DVB Controller and/or his software package?

    G0MJW, Mike, of course, I used the Serit datasheets. Unfortunately, not all the required dimensions of the connector are shown there. Since I want to install the vertical mounting type NIM horizontally, I need this. The problem has now been solved. Thanks to the help of Heiner DD0KP, a NIM is available for test purposes :)

    DD0KP Heiner, my layouts for the Pro version of Jean-Pierre F6DZP are already finished. There are two versions for vertical (see picture) and horizontal type of the Serit NIMs.

    I know the board from BG0AUB. In contrast, I do not use SMD components, but only wired ones, which makes the replica much easier. The board fits into an inexpensive housing made of aluminum profile for standard cards (100x160 mm). Optionally, you can use a higher case when installing a display.


    I am looking for a NIM type Serit FTS4335V or a compatible NIM for test purposes. The NIM may also be defective. I need the part to create a circuit board (MiniTiouner Pro replica) because of the mechanical dimensions. Possibly only on loan for a few days :)

    Hi Heiner,

    I know the BATC offer. I am looking for a cheaper supplier who can supply me with small quantities at good prices. Obtaining directly from the manufacturer is also possible, but the minimum quantity is too high for me :(

    I'm looking for a FTS-4335H TV-Module to test my homemade MiniTiouner Pro Board.

    I placed my stripped-down MiniTiouner Pro version from F6DZP on a 100x160mm board (Europaboard), which fits into an aluminum box (see component scheme). Since I am not a friend of SMD, I only used wired components.

    Does anyone know an inexpensive delivery address of this module?

    I'm grateful for any information.

    auf meiner findet man u.a. ein paar Bilder vom Umbau eines sehr preiswerten LNB Golden Media 201S+ mit einem TCXO von Conner Winfield. Man benötigt lediglich zwei zusätzliche C's und etwas handwerkliches Geschick, hi. Der LNB läuft jetzt sehr stabil und hat bekanntlich eine niedrige Rauschzahl. Die Stabilisierung der Rx-QRG in SDR Console per Empfang der oberen Bake funktioniert bei mir im Pluto bzw. RTL.SDR bestens, solange man nicht den RIT betätigt. Da scheint noch eine Macke in der SDR Console Software vorzuliegen.

    wäre es möglich von Seiten der AMSAT-Organisation die Anruf-QRGs für SSTV-Betrieb "verbindlich" festzulegen und wenn möglich getrennt für Digital-Mode (z.B. KG-STV) und Analog-Mode (z.B. MMSSTV). Das würde den automatischen Empfang und die Wiedergabe auf Webseiten erheblich erleichtern.

    After making bad experiences with the frequency stability of the much-praised Goobay LNB, I got a Golden Media LNB Type 201+ (about $ 10 on ebay) and replaced the 25MHz crystal with a D75F-TCXO. As you can see in the picture, I connected the TCXO directly to the 6V of the 78L06 (which he tolerates according to the data sheet, hi). I connected the RF output via a 1nF-c to the lower pad of the quartz. Not only has the new LNB proven to be very frequency stable after this mod, but it also provides 5-8dB stronger signals at the PlutoSDR RX input.