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    Hello everybody,

    My NB transponder system runs well on 85cm dish with Poty an unmodyfied GM-201 LNB with SDR-console running on a INTEL-NUC with NOOELEC Nano 3 SDR.

    Now i want to try WB transponder with DVB-S GUI but i have problems to understand the software.

    Does anybody know about a manual or something like this for DVB-S GUI?

    Pls send by email to callsign

    73, Volker

    I will see what will happen. Dish is placed in our garden. No problem if something is worng to do maintanace. So easy and cheap. or will you build something for next 100 years.;). But so far absolutly no problems. Btw: N-connector is only an extension for the cable to the dish. SG-Lab PA is mounted on the backside of the dish. Some silicone for the lid of the PA and i will see how long it works.

    Hello Kurt,

    I am using the IC-7100 for Tx. After a modification for ALC (see Youtube) long time ago modulation is great.

    On 70cm i go into a SG-Lab transverter and have always good reports.

    For Tx IC-7100 is a good choice.

    For Rx i use an unmodified cheap LNB (2,45€) by using SDR-Console on a NUC with a POTY.

    Hello to all,

    Question: Does anybody has running the "Drift correction" properly?

    Today 2 pcs. of NooElec Nano 3 arrive and this was last idea i have what could be the problem. But no success.

    Again: I lock system to Master-beacon. Fine.

    Then i tune to CW-beacon in audio window to 1,5KHz.

    LNB LO corrects automatily according drift but the tuned signal of CW-beacon is not corrected.

    This means it drifts away from 1,5KHz in audio window.

    Who has any idea what the problem can be?


    Volker, DH2VH

    1. Unmodified LNB GM-201

    2. Yes NEWGEN.RTL2832SDR, TCXO 0,5ppm

    3. Yes warm up for 1 hour and more

    4. Yes "Drift correction" switched on

    5. Yes i see drifting in "RX ERR"

    But there is a significant drift in demodulated audio in value of drift.

    This is my problem.

    Hello Frank,

    Again i will try to explain my problem with SAT-Controller V0.2.

    SAT-Controller is locked to Master beacon.

    CW beacon signal is on the marked position "CW" in GQRX.

    SAT-Controller corrects the"LNB LO" according the drift of the LNB.

    So far everything is fine.

    But now when LNB drifts also the signal from "CW beacon" drifts also from marked position "CW".

    This means the "LNB LO" is corrected but the tuned frequency for the signal "CW beacon (10.489.548.500 Hz)" does not follow or is not corrected.

    What can be the problem and how to fix it?

    73, DH2VH

    Thats ok. Only the LNB LO frequency will be corrected. The tuned RX frequency will not be changed.

    Thank you for explanation.

    All the time i was thinking that there is a closed loop between master beacon and the lower beacon to compensate the drift.

    So i have to adjust a signal all the time manualy.

    This was not so clear for me.