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    Hello George,

    I did all the possible changes and nothing solved. I'll follow your suggestion. Thank you so much.

    Best 73

    Piraja PS8RF

    Adlam Pluto malfunction.

    When I connect a power module to the Pluto TX output and activate DATV Express, I get a configuration error message: "ADALM-PLUTO or FMCOMMS Not Found -1005" and a windows message that the device was not recognized .

    I tried with 3 different power modules. Even with the small SPF5189Z. The result was the same.

    When I disconnect the module and connect the original antenna, the problem continues. In the configuration of DATV Express the option of the SDR HW is marked PLUTO.

    Well, with the original antenna, I uninstalled the Pluto and DATV-Express drivers. Restarting the PC. After reinstalling the drivers and the DATV-Express connected to the original TX antenna, everything returns to normal. But if I remove the original antenna and connect a power module the problem repeats itself.

    When I reboot the pc with the power module the initialization of the pluto SDR keeps repeating itself in Windows OS,. I already changed the cables.

    If I reboot with the original antenna after reinstalling the Pluto drivers and DATV-Express , I can monitor my transmission.

    Someone has gone through something similar and can guide me.

    Is it possible to reboot from PLUTO to the factory settings on the Windows platform?

    Thanks in advance

    PS8RF Piraja