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    to i see its done with a poweline adapter...grrrr

    2Years no sw because of the neighbors powerlines .

    completely the sw band qrm s9++ grrrrrrr

    now the have only 1 tv and the dont need this things anymore....

    again a hapy ham hihi


    Hallo Chris,

    Hoe heb je dat juist gedaan? graag info...spaart mij een gat in de muur en een kabel hihi

    email te vinden

    grt en 73

    Hallo Markro...

    SDRPlay functioniert nicht!!!ja ja ...hihi auch mit carrier recovery enabled usw

    Alte version ausprobiert und lauft muss ein probleem geben mit der neue version...

    PLUTO jetzt...lauft auf alle stationen gut...NUR keine syncro auf baken....!!!Altere version 2.0.16 lauf kein probleem...

    RTLStick...das gleiche keine syncro auf ist ok


    ON7KEC Luc

    Hello to all,

    dont forget...change your configfile to rx the beacon...


    ui_style = windowsvista Fusion

    ui_iqplot_rgb = 10 70 100

    sr_presets = 2000 1500 1000 500 333 250 125 66 33

    sr_min = 8

    sr_max = 20000

    freq_lo0 = 9750

    freq_lo1 = 10600

    conf_ldpc_threads = 0


    Kan das mit nachsten version nicht sofort gemacht werden?...sonst gibt es wieder viele bemerkungen das rx von baken nicht geht...





    Tks for info.


    i dont need the 5mtr its the max that i need,after 5 mtr i am in the shack and can place the transverter and pa inside..

    Buth i wil be place the pa/transverter behind the dish so i need only 1,5/2mtr cable.

    Later i wil be replace the transverter with my pluto.


    Luc ON7KEC


    Which coax cable can i best use for the connection between pa (china 8wtts) and the poty....max 5mtrs


    Welches coax Kabel kan ich am besten verwenden zwischen meinen pa (china 8wtts) und poty?....max 5mtr


    ON7KEC - Luc

    Hallo Heiner,

    kuck mahl hier..hihi

    <1 PPM temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO) – Accurate tuning and almost zero temperature drift (2 PPM max. initial offset, 0.5-1 PPM temperature drift)

    Die version v3 ist mit ein tcxo

    Grussen Luc

    Hi George,

    New in ububtu and learning hihi

    How to install the drivers for the pluto??

    SDRAngel running but no pluto to see same problem with other sdr programms in ububtu

    so i do somthing wrong ore the are no drivers installed for ubuntu.

    So anny advice is welcome.

    Greetings and stay safe


    The zip file is the api from sdrplay that is in my directory from dvb-s software!

    Simply copy that api in your directory of dvb-s software

    see here my directory of the programm

    Disregard the its the file i put here for you...

    Like you see there is only the sdr_api.dll

    This is the original directory of the programm after download and it works for me like this


    @ Sion,

    With sdrplay you have...i have the version rsp1 and its works very fine.

    Its works direct after the download without the need to install the api .

    in the last version the api is integrated.

    copy the api in your programm...its the only sdrapi here in the directory


    Here its works also with Pluto...not tested with Ethernet.

    But you must use the 2.5Mhz Bandwith higher bandwith give problems to decode

    With the rsp1 i can use the full 8Mhz bandwith

    Morgen Jack

    Een kleine tip...

    Ook doet de kwaliteit van de usbkabel er veeeeel toe...spreek uit ervaring hihi

    Heb er nu 1 tussen met 2 stuks feriet en de pluto werkt sinds dien uit de kunst

    btw...waar vind ik iets over de besproken modifikatie???



    Good morning Lucio,

    Signal is not the problem..i can see al the stations with dvb-s2 software from Markro...with pluto,sdrplay and rtlstick...

    Must be a software problem with the pc problem...

    i want to see the program running;);)

    I have the same problem wen i change the pluto to a rtlstick...

    i continue untill i have grey hair...:D:D:D oeps..i have already....


    hallo Lucio,

    the probleme here...nothing is comming in data...

    Every station i rx give me good rx and the there must be comming data to stream on UDp

    Signal is strong everything is ok buth i dont become data...missing somthing???

    Hey To All,

    So now its my turn to need HEEEEEELP:):):)

    I do tests with pluto and sdrangel...under W10....

    Like you see everything looks good udp streaming

    oversee ore forget i somthing???

    All info welcome...

    Hello Alessio,

    Very simply hihi...

    go to your map from the program

    open the "Config" file...

    Change the line "sr_presets" to..."2000 1500 1000........" and save.

    now you have this.....

    Good luck...