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    hello gareth,

    No problems...i have the same on low sr...even with sync 32 and no buffers...

    by pluto you sould use 2.5bandwidth,no higher...dont work with higher bandwidth.

    the lower sr i have decoded is 66

    Before always problems with decoding...yesterday i have changed the usb cable and take one with 2 ferits and see...the pluto works very good now....strange!!!

    try it and hopely results

    Guten abend zusammen..

    Attention Programmers

    You can use the MMSSTV Engine to give your programs Slow Scan TV functions.
    Please read the terms of use carefully!

    MMSSTV Engine 1.06

    Wen man die setting sstv-engine auf macht von rx-sstv dan kan man oben sehn das es diese engine 1.06 nutzt...

    Naturlich kan man verschiedene setting haben...

    installiere die beide und mach selbe das vergleich...


    Hey good evening,

    Normaly not possible...this software use the same powelfull MMSTV engine!!

    it's msstv with a other "graphical interface"

    Decoding is the same so "normaly" no difference in decoding the signals....


    Glaub es nicht...das program ist das gleiche wie MMSSTV nur mit eine andere grafische oberflache !!!

    Das program lauf mit die gleiche " powerful MMSSTV Engine © JE3HHT - von Makoto Mori" es decodiert auf die gleiche weise als das "originel" und ist genau so "alt"..


    ON7KEC Luc

    idd Gareth the sdrplay is mutch better than the pluto..

    I'm a little disappointed in the pluto

    The dvb-s2 software runs very good with sdrplay and even rtl stick...buth with the pluto i'ts a other question...

    And it is not Marko's fault , he does a great job of making it works with the pluto also.

    Greetings Luc

    Hey Gareth,

    I can tell you its works, no problems with the sdrplay-1!!

    see here the solution..


    I have done this for solve the problems with the RSP1

    Install :

    API/HW Driver – v3.04 (9th Jul 2019)

    (now it download the newer version automatic v3.06!!!)

    Instal it in the same map were you placed the DVB-S Demodulater...

    open the map and you will find a "SDRPLAY" map

    Open it...

    Open the map API...There you will find x64 and x86....(64 and 32 Bit pc!!!)

    open the map and find "sdr_play.api and lib"

    Copy both to the dirctory of the DVB-S DEmod

    Greetings ON7KEC - Luc

    Good afternoon to all...

    Hmmmm extender have noting to do with changing the ip adress....(its not a usb to ethernet if) principal its a looooong usb cabel!!

    So in my opinion you must not change the pluto ip settings...

    But...pls dont forget to use the 5v maybay..i dont have testing thath...your usb signal (current) is to low @ the pluto site

    "OS independent for fast, hassle-free setup • Kit includes a local unit (transmitter) and a remote unit (receiver), as well as a universal power adapter (power adapter must be connected to the remote unit) "

    Depend on the distance of cabel....

    See for info

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    Greetings and hope its helps you a little


    did you instal the drivers of your usb/lan hardware to your pc??normaly there is a install cd with your hw.

    Do your pc see your usb/lan hardware??

    Windows or linux....

    Some more test this morning...with version 2.0.16

    I have only sync with lower Bandwidth!!

    5000000 and 2500000

    6000000 and higher no sync even not on the beacon

    With my SdrPlay @ 8000000 i have sync and can see all the stations on air...

    Greetings to all

    Hi Markro

    after very good results with sdr stick and sdrPlay i have a Pluto now...

    no results after 2 days testing to receive datv grrrrrrrr (FMBroadcast,airband,2mtrs all ok)

    Freq from 70Mhz on ok, second cpu ok....tested on 2 pc's same negativ results


    If i look to the position of your slider then you are around the Rx frequency of 1.300Ghz???

    The position for the wb beacon is around the 8.5 mark and the freq of 742.Mhz for a "normal" lnb (lo=9.750Ghz)

    Wath is the lo of your lnb?

    pls take a complete picture of your screen so i can see the other settings....


    firts hny2020 to all

    did you feed your lnb via a t-bias!!! (12v for nb and 18v for wb)

    2) is the frequency the wright one (unmodifyed lnb= +/-740Mhz)...seems you dont have a signal from your lnb

    i have use several sticks and al of them works fine...