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    I would encourage you to make a simple RX , rather than rely on someone else's receiver :) It is really, really easy.

    I documented my "do it with as little effort as possible" approach on QRZ here -…00-and-a-plutosdr.660334/ - that is about getting both TX & RX working with a Pluto, but it talks about my original RX set up like this: :

    "I had already set up a super simple system for receiving the narrow band transponder for the geostationary satellite QO-100 (Es’hail-2). It consists of my 80cm offset (steerable) dish I use for TV, and an RTL-SDR connected to the “loop out” of my sat TV receiver. I just pointed the dish, set up a transponder in the TV box and the signals were there, around 739 Mhz (10.489675 Downlink freq − 9.75 LO frequency of the LNB = 0.739675 GHz = 739.675 MHz) . Then, using SDRConsole I was able to set a receiver offset and then “lock” the software to the beacon ( ) and there was a useable receiver system, with very little effort!"

    Give it a go! experimenting is what the hobby is all about ;)

    73 Neil

    Thanks Oscar, a REALLY important reminder!

    There have been some "interesting" examples of overdriven TX on the TP :)

    Thanks for your efforts too Roberto ( and of course Jose!)

    I have been playing with the unregistered version, and the results have been brilliant compared to HF - of course I can't send large messages/ attachments because that would take ages, but I am finding I get a 100% "ack" rate for what I do send

    I am looking forward to seeing if the Open Source methods can match the amazing work that Jose has done to get it all working so well:)

    Thanks again all

    Neil M0KNC

    Do you have the last 3.0.1 VARA SAT modem?

    Remeber also to disable windows system sound that create problem to audio when transmitting


    Yes, I installed the 3.0.1 Sat beta last night .. I will try re-installing it ..

    The computer is used exclusively to drive the radios, and I use Winlink on it regularly on HF , and I have been doing data stuff on QO-100 for a while now without issues, so I know that the sound cards stuff is all good :)




    I downloaded the new "sat" beta version of VARA , and I have tried connecting a few times on .635 but I am seeing no response from IS0GBR I am using a Pluto full duplex in SDRconsole and I don't see or hear any response.

    I have tried reducing drive etc. etc. - I tried last night and again this morning.

    any ideas why ? are you seeing the connect attempt IS0GBR?

    Also on4kvi - .625 is routinely used for KGstv ( and analogue sstv) so it may not the be best choice of frequency to avoid interference :) ( I know no one "owns " a freq, but I know that people listen on .625 for KGstv & SSTV)

    73's Neil