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    Thank you Dominique,

    Please add LimeSDR USB, I tested with DATV-EASY V1.25 its working fine but unable to change the TX frequency.


    Saro VU2OBR

    For some reason my MiniTioune fed from a Megasat Diavolo LNB on a 1.8 meter PF dish has started to show the unhappy face and an average of 2.9dB LNA gain. The Diavolo is home modded to take a 25Mhz LO from a Leo Bodnar GPSDO. I tried putting the original Bullseye LNB back and get the same results. I realise I need to look at attenuating the LNB level, but meanwhile can anyone tell me if such a signal level can also cause a sudden rash of noise on the MiniTioune noise graph and a de-sensitising on low level signals?

    The thing I find odd is this level of LNA gain has seemingly only started recently. Maybe it's just atmospheric conditions, the impact of which on 10GHz is a bit of a mystery to me I'm afraid..



    You can use 10 or 15db Attenuator.…or-Pad-Each/dp/B0013L56OK



    Can you share the backup of the V8 Finder Usar DB file...

    I am unable to receive the QO-100 with my V8 Finder.

    In my experience with Dxpatrol is to bad.... 1st one I received the upconverter there is excess lead for all the smd components it's not cleaned after Soldering.... I used with my microscope and cleaned carefully.... And the 2nd one is Mmic inductor L5 is not soldered one side... I fixed that and working fine... The 2nd one also the excess lead is not cleaned. The 3rd one also the same and RF in capacitor C21 not soldered one side... 4th one also the same not cleaned the excess lead... I was wondering there is NO QC?

    Also the Dxpatrol products shipped without test.... All Dxpatrol users please check your PCB with Microscope are take a photo with your phone and see the PCB and verify before use....


    Greetings from India ......

    It's glad to announce that Qatar Oscar 100 INDIA Morning Net will be conducted from 15th August 2019 on the frequency.... 10.489.690.000 between 1.30 Hours to 2.00 UTC Hours.

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