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    DB8TF and DM4DS

    Thank you both for information. After modifying my the same unit takes about 11A with 28V from PSU. With 100mW input power, output is about 100W (may be some more). I'm using it for WB operation. With 0.85m offset dish and 333kb/s signal, amplifier provides 9dB over noise on web monitor.

    Hi, did you measure current consuption of PA module with 100W output? How many Amperes did you get?


    @SWL - markro92:

    can you please check if Terratec dongle will work correctly with DVB demodulator? I have tried to check, but have a problem. Utility defines dongle, 'open device' button works correctly, but 'BB Gain' button do nothing - dongle works with MAX gain level and no possibility to decrease gain level. It seems that dongles works incorrectly with utility.

    Did someone else erperience similar issues?

    Hello folks,

    I have the same issue with mine 20W PA module from AliExpress. Main symptom is if drive it with 10 dBm input, output power will about 100mW or 20dBm. I found that first stage module - YP2233W is faulty. Inductor on pin 16 (VCC1) was burned. Output voltages on DC-DC modules are normal - 5.2 and 28 Volts. I have tried to replace YP2233W with new one (ordered via, 3$ for pcs) and replace inductor and it didn't help - new parts became faulty too and 5V DC-DC module going into short connection mode with 0V output. Really strange situation. For my conditions I don't need PA module with 10 dBm input, because mine BU-500 upconverter has output power about 1W (depends from input power on IF-input) so, I desoldered YP2233W with air gun and connect short lenght coax cable between input low pass filter and matching circuit before final stage transistor. And now have about 20W ouput power. That is my reserve module. Main module is a PA from SG-Lab - really great module. And in attachment you can find some infromation about final stage transistor YP07271815.

    Thank you for attention.

    Andrey, RK3DJW.


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