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    Personally I would hope to never reboot Pluto with power to the PA system, but if it gives the options for home use and for portable use then it must be a good option.

    Perhaps the settings.txt could be used to store many configuration options in the future such as the Minitiouner control and other future enhancements.

    Question as I have not used any of the patches, but can I ask do they survive a reboot or power down back up again? Is there a how-to in making a patch, one I looked at had pluto.php saved in the /www directory and all saved in pluto.frm which was all in If that makes sense?

    Again thanks for the hard work.

    And a question where perhaps you need pm me, is there a donation to all contributors, I used to donate to Evariste when he was doing all the work, now there seems to be a team effort?


    I believe that mod to make the unit "On-Air" is a requirement of those wishing to use the Pluto without a computer but putting out a signal when when powered up. So useful for the portable guys. There was a post about it on the forum some time ago, I forget the title of the thread.

    Thanks for the update in the firmware regarding disabling the spectrum, I mentioned that to F5UII a few days ago, if you are using the PlutoSDR for 70cms or for 23cms etc from home you will also be typically connected to the internet some times to arrange comms or use Skype etc as talkback, in these situations the Spectrum is not wanted as it could be a distraction, or simply taking bandwidth from a slow connection etc.

    I am very grateful for the people developing the software and can appreciate that it is generally QO-100 that is driving the updates, modifications and general thinking. The satellite is probably the greatest driver for Amateur TV going at present. So don't mind the gripes every now and then, from this end I really do appreciate the people that can, and are doing the software for it.



    Hello Adrian, i confirm that the new firmware version of Evariste is based on the 0.32 of Adalm and therefore has several advantages and new commands including the possibility of having a partition to statically write files, in this way it is possible to make changes without recompiling the firmware entirely.
    I will be happy to meet you in DATV, i think soon


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hello Evariste

    I was going from the comments of Roberto above in this thread suggesting that the new firmware was based on 0.32? Hence, I was probably wrong in thinking that the firmware would require it?

    Roberto thanks for the SSH commands I will write these in my book so I have them for reference.




    Your Pluto is connected via usb or ethernet ?

    if it is via ethernet you simply have to upgrade the new firmware with your web brouwser .....

    Best regards

    ON1RC Chris

    Hello Chris

    It is connected via Ethernet with a USB to Ethernet adaptor, I know I can update the DATV firmware via the browser page pluto.php, but I had assumed, possibly wrongly, that to do an upgrade from 0.31 to 0.32 I needed to do it via the USB disk method?

    This was down to needing to transfer the files boot.dfu, boot.frm, Pluto.dfu, uboot-env.dfu and the version 0.32 pluto.frm which then meant the DATV firmware was overwritten and pluto.php web page was no longer there?



    Unfortunately I have the Pluto in a box outside very close to my dish so access to it is generally via SSH. I did have to remove it and update using the drive option, but in Linux and that worked OK.

    If I change the file it does change it and I can read it back but does not seem to be permanent when I reboot Pluto with reboot now, it just goes back to default, I will look further into permissions.

    If necessary I will remove again and edit as a disk.



    Hello Roberto may I ask,

    When I ssh into the Pluto such as root@ I am not finding config.txt to change the IP of the unit via the USB to Ethernet adaptor.

    I can find config.txt in the /opt directory but when I edit with nano and change the lines

    2. ipaddr_eth =
    3. netmask_eth =

    to be

    2. ipaddr_eth =
    3. netmask_eth =

    and save the file, it is not used on reboot and everything goes back to dhcp settings again.

    So where is the config file to edit now stored? I am trying to keep the IP address of pluto off the routers dhcp service and using a static IP address.

    I have updated to firmware 0.32 and installed the pluto.frm all OK.

    Hope you can help.


    Thank you Roberto for your response it is appreciated, I have read the odd comment in the past about using USB hubs etc and copying files from location to location.

    When i read this thread the other day I noticed you are now using a version 0.32 of Pluto firmware so that will be something I can at least look for and download ready to install.

    As I say it is good to be able to test and report back if one finds issues or has success. I will await a beta version and upgrade at that point, the new band-plan in the Pluto would make operation easier. I hope we can converse at some point via DATV.

    Many thanks to you all for the continued development.



    Hello Evariste and Roberto. I can appreciate all the work you are doing, but can I ask, for those of us that are not programmers that are using an external box to do H265 rather than using a video card on the PC, what do we need to do to update to the latest version and test the capabilities of the update. What has changed, it would be nice to assist in any way one can even if just with testing.?

    Hope you do not mind explaining.


    I have no solutions on the self oscillation of the units, I did have one that was lively on power up, but put that down to to much heatsink compound, now I only have a minute dab of it in the very centre of the devices. I removed the input circulator and 2.2Ghz filter and replaced with co-ax, had to then solder that down to the board or it acted like a pick up loop and caused some instability, but has been generally quite good. Only thing I can think of if you still have the output circulator fitted is to make sure that is still a very good ground on it's case, if you have removed the circulator from the output, then most take the power from the input to the circulator rather than the original connector, but others have gone different ways from what I can tell. So I tend to think it could be what ever works for you with that, try dropping to 26 Volts from 28 and see if that helps any???


    Adrian, many thanks for your prework and especially for your bias schematic, this was really helpful to check, whether there was a problem with the circuit.


    I am pleased my time has helped, and even more pleased that you have taken it further and made life that bit easier with your work, thanks for that. I am not into arduino programming so that was probably above me.

    Hi all; No problems waiting.

    I am now picking up the beacon at an MER of 10, which is still a D5 with the change in FEC, so from that perspective the playing has gone well.

    There were a few 1MS signals up at the same level as the beacon, so guess for the time being the overpower indicator is level with it.

    My thoughts were on increased power requirements of the satellite if there was an average increase in power usage overall and as large signals tend to drop the re-transmitted signal then lower EIRP users could see a more drastic reduction in their signals through the satellite.

    I am happy to wait for the bandplan changes to be announced then I can send updated spreadsheets around to a few friends to assist them with their operation 333KS1 333 KS2 etc.

    Be happy, stay safe.


    Hello Peter and the group.

    I am positive that the beacon changes will be seen as good for all DATV users and I will say thank you to the team for doing it.

    I wonder if the Overpower indicator would be left at the previous power level for wide signals as really nothing else has changed for us apart from getting more space?

    It may be that the overpower has to be set at the same level as the beacon I am not sure, I will monitor when others get it and see.

    Any thoughts?



    I ordered modules from three different Ebay sellers and received two modules with the correct housing but the wrong chip. The wrong chip delivers about 500mW at 1.8GHz, but does not work at 2.4GHz. Has 5V bias on the left and UB 28V on the right !

    Can I just ask if you are saying you have 5Volts on the left Vdd (pin 2) and not 28 Volts? Did you get a datasheet provided with it? On my MHL-21336 both Vdd pins are at 28 Volts.


    How can i put a roll off of 20 in the script in

    The new firmware i can put fec sr but i dont read about the rolloff please help me ?

    That seems to be correct at present, with tests done for myself, I saw very little changes at the lower SR rates, but when you get to 1MS the settings kick in. The shape of the signal would get steeper sides. I think the best I could get was a roll off of 25, It could be down to a few things such as the modulator in the Pluto or to a feature to be worked on in firmware.

    I tend to set 0.25 roll off and let the Pluto do it's work. Looking forward to the next revision, but also consider this is not commercial software so it could take time as I am sure that Evariste will have more pressing matters.