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    Hi Chris,

    Mix2g4 is not available any more, because Roberto Zech, DG0VE is sk. I do not know Lg-lab? Do you mean SG-Lab? SG-Lab's 2400/432 MHz-Transverter is a good choice, in my opinion.

    Hi Rob,

    oooh boy... yes I do some experiments with a Patch around an LNB (picture 1)… and I don’t success! But it should work, when you remove the plastic enclosure and mount the Patch on the neck of the LNB. I agree, it should be a little bit tricky. But what about the 50 mm Horn? I really don’t know, maybe it works like a director for the Patch???

    I also do some experiments with a Helix around the LNB (picture 2). The Helix works quite well. But the 10 GHz Horn does not like it, because of the Helix in front of the Horns mouth.

    What we need is a slim LNB (picture 3) with a PLL (and TCXO, OCXO or an external referenz). But until now I could not find such an LNB.

    Can somebody help?

    73! Kleiner Peter, DJ7GP

    Hi Iain,

    thanks for your interest in my Duoband-Feed for Es’hail-2. I first talk about that feed at 38. GHz-Tagung in Dorsten on 21. Febr. 2015 (Tagungsband) and at UKW-Tagung in Weinheim on 12. Sept. 2015 (Skriptum der Vorträge). It was also published in „Funkamateur“ 2016, Heft 5 u. 6. Some more details for practice you can find at…_dj7gp_duobandantenne.pdf. There is also a tranlation to france language by Pierre Marie, F5XG, at…e-duo-bande-2-4ghz-10ghz/

    If you need a copy of any of my bublications, please let me know.

    Hope I could help you!

    kleiner Peter, DJ7GP

    Es’hail-2 Transverter

    I am allmost ready for working via Es’hail-2 Satellite. Both, my (first) Transverter and the Duoband-Feed for a 90 cm Offsetdish are ready to go.

    Uplink runs from 144 MHz to 2,4 GHz with max. 20 W output into the 2,4 GHz Patch of the Duoband-Feed. The Downlink runs from the 10 GHz-Horn into a Downconverter to 50 MHz IF for NB Operation (as well as 950 - 1200MHz IF for WB-Operation). Because there are less than 2 m between the Antenna and the Transverter, I let the Downconverter for lower Temperatur-/Frequency-drift in the Transverter-Box.

    73! Kleiner Peter, DJ7GP