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    GM Henry,

    deinen Eintrag hatte ich vorher nicht gelesen, aber er trifft genau auch mein Anliegen. Evt. könnte man den FM Kanal sogar mit der TG koppeln. Bei Vorführungen oder portablen Aktionen über QO 100 hätte man dann eine höhere Wahrscheinlichkeit mit dem im Bild zu sehenden OM auch Kontakt zu haben.

    Welche Frequenz wäre dafür geeignet? 10,491 ? Oder 10,491,500 so das der Kanal evt noch im Spechtrum zu sehen wäre.

    Für Tests wäre ich verfügbar.

    73 Ronny

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    Hello OMs,

    In addition to the already broadcastable stations on the Wide Band Transponder from QO-100 there are certainly 100 times to viewers. Also, I am one of them who can not yet produce the power to operate ATV broadcasting. Every night I watch but interested. Only you can never contact someone to possibly get rid of a question. Other QO-100 SWLs (of course licensed OMs) are the same.

    So the Genanke was close to wanting to have a return channel. Since the footprint is indeed considerable, FM and KW (depending on the day) are safe. An FM channel may not be operated in the narrow band of the satellite, according to Amsat.

    What remains is an FM channel in the WB of the Sats (is that allowed ??). Or a connection via the new digital relays, which are now installed everywhere. Since many OM already have radio for the digital modes, I once wrote to the DMR Brand Master Team ( and asked for their own TG for the return channel for QO 100.

    The positive answer was that the TG 265100 is set up as a DMR response channel for QO 100.

    In Germany, at least the relays listed at BM can be reached.

    This makes it possible to personally connect with the ATV-OM worldwide. It would be nice if sending stations were on 265100 QRV. The use is of course not a must ... but helps me and other OM questions to ask if (already) sendable OMs are received by us.

    Hamspirit just :-)

    73 Ronny


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