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    Hi Jerry,

    Thank you for your comment. I think my inputs are correct in LOTW. By the SAT mod is very optional and not taken into account in LOTW. I have more confirmation on eQSL. That would be so nice to have a common system instead of multiple services ! :) When subscribing to LOTW I thought that would be the more efficient. And it is for HF QSO...

    Thank you for the nice document. I also use LOG4OM as log software for QO100. I think you can add also the SAT mod which is XS (unless I'm mistaken).

    I asked also on LOG4OM forum to be able to start the software with the default QSO in QO100 configuration (instead of SSB 20m...). This is not implemented but will be taken into account for the future...

    I am pretty disapointed by the very poor QSL confirmation number on LOTW on QO100: 16 QSL over 82 QSO on the past few weeks.


    dd9fj how did you attache the Rocket lens (Venton) to the potty antenna? What kind of glue? On my side diameters are closed but different and it doesn't fit well. I need to stick the internal part of the rocket into the cupper tube... That rocket is made of 2 different parts, is it important to have those tow parts totally nested into each others? Thanks.