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    Hello friends!

    The other day I tried the program. Well done! I shake a hand to the author. The author is well done!

    I already have thoughts on how to make a good addition. The main minus of what is now is a very uneven input and output impedance. The authors solves this problem by applying ATT at the input / output, but this is "сrutches". There are special MMICs with regulated entry and exit with a good S11 and S22 - this is MGA30889. The only thing that upsets is that it is available - it only works up to 3GHz. But, in principle, what is available for immediate tasks is suitable. With additional ATT at the input / output of these MMIS - we get an almost perfect 50-ohm path! Also, I found a wider chip with good S11 and S22 - HMC482

    I think that the problem is not the presence of different languages on the forum or the presence of a Google translator. (I easily communicate with you through a Google translator) IMHO, the problem is the lack of widespread propaganda of this forum outside the European community. The lack of great interest of the people in attending such events. And most importantly - the lack of culture and HAM-qualification of work on the air. Pirates don't need this. It was at all times in any topic of the use of piracy (gold, books, music, films), and not only in our HAM satellite. For pirates, the main thing is the availability of a resource. And that’s it! The specific mentality.

    The development of technology makes it easy to buy or make "wunder-man/technical genius" transmission equipment. 2.4G is now not something magical or inaccessible. Amplifiers for 100-500W for a certain price are easily available in a wide secondary or black market. There is a resource, there is an opportunity to use a resource - wow-a-la! And what is there? ... Any rules? What for? - “Sneeze at them!” (Ideoma)

    Colleagues, with all due respect to you, I want to remind you that you are most likely limited to this forum.

    Most non-Europeans and, moreover, non-German-speaking radio amateurs do not even know about the Amsat forum, about us, and that we are concerned about the interference here.

    Greetings, colleagues, again!

    I ask for help from more advanced colleagues in Linux.

    Today I again heard prolonged “rustling” in a new form of digimod, but I did not have the opportunity to hear a live voice. I'm interested in listening to freedv 2020 live. I think that for windows the assembly will not appear soon.

    I have a desire to try to do it now. Therefore, you have to gain experience yourself, as it were, "in the blind."

    I googled a bit and found the following source pages:



    As a result of working at 1) after the line ./

    I have an error: There is no such file or directory.

    Then I tried to build the program from the source at 2). It seems that everything went well. But, I do not know what to do next. How to find and run the program?

    Now, like a blind man, I put my hands on the wall. I don’t know what to do next. Where to look for installed executables and how to run them?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    There is another important aspect of the appearance of interference outside the lighthouse. Quite a few operators use SDR-transceivers such as LimeSDR or HackRF or Pluto. I measured the spactres. LimeSDR turned out to be the worst in terms of interference in the near zone from the main signal. (See photo) It is not possible to clean the signal in the “near zone” qualitatively in principle. Therefore, most operators neglect interference, send a dirty signal to the power amplifier, and we have the following very unpleasant situation: (see. Screenshot)

    What to do in this case to the owners of sdr-transceivers?

    Wenn wir uns die Messungen ansehen, werden wir feststellen, dass sich der SNR-Pegel der Beacons an meiner Antenne leicht ändert, irgendwo zwischen 27 und 35 dB. Mir ist auch aufgefallen, dass die leistungsstärksten Operatoren (Big Gun) diesen Pegel oft (nicht immer, aber oft) um mehr als 10 dB überschreiten. Ist das akzeptabel oder verstößt es gegen die Regeln?

    If we look at the measurements, we will notice that the SNR level of the beacons on my antenna changes slightly, somewhere between 27 and 35 dB. I have also noticed that the most powerful operators (Big Gun) often (not always, but often) exceed this level by more than 10 dB. Is that acceptable or does it violate the rules?

    Does the satellite have the ability to accurately determine the location of the source of the received signal? 100 m or at least about 1 km? Well, at least 10km?

    Without the ability to determine the location, all our screams and instructions for the pirates do not make sense, since they will not go anywhere, but will remain only in this forum. Well maybe on Twitter and Facebook ..

    Colleague, everything you wrote is definitely right and right!

    But I have an assumption that most of those who work on the satellite from other countries, as well as those who work illegally, are not familiar with our forum and will not hear “a call to conscience!”

    Good morning friends.

    Thanks for learning!

    I googled several articles on the topic of FreeDV-2020 and found on the github that this version of the program is for Linux only. Does anyone have a compiled installer for Win 8.1 x64?