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    Hello Rudi

    I spent hours on it but pstrotator does not work that well.. result I use the tracking of satpc 32 with erc m which works wonderfully. I don't use the doppler to vary the frequencies but I think it should work perfectly once the frequencies have been entered perfectly.

    PSTrotator only serves me in AS and dx vhf

    73 Eric


    I'm trying to find info on how to configure setup info in gpredict to drive my antennas via the Erc m DE df9gr interface; it says in hamlib that this interface would have the code 404..but once entered in gpredict, impossible to drive. Likewise in the software there is no provision for calibration of the antennas, simply an indication -180 and 180 ... or do you know a software under raspi which works in order to control the antennas, it will avoid leaving a pc running 24 / 24?

    thank for all infos

    73 Eric F1SMV


    i test 2 months ago but i prefer use this solution because pics are in good color after pass without any work. I spend 2 months this summer to follow the tuto , i am not expert on linux ..hi

    I would like to use one cloud without use aws but i dont found any easy soluce on github.

    Yes meteor M2 isnt in rx weather list but the treatment afyer pass dont seems run same.

    73 Eric

    Re Bonjour

    cool i can see on the doc that external power beguin at 5 v to 12 v..we have all 5v phone power, but i dont know same with 12 v..i will check..

    F1CJN project (who leave at 150 km from here hi) is a nice pcb but out of my competence and am not equipped to make these assemblies. thank you for giving me this information which may be of interest to many who. I will try to restart the DL3DCW image on my raspi and feed the gps with a 5v charger that should be fine.

    see you soon on the satellite.

    73 Eric

    Hello Martin,

    thank you for your answer in which there is the beginning of a solution to my problem, I did not know that the gpsdo was working autonomously but in this case what is it powered by?

    I come back to the answer to the question, I wanted a system that consumes less energy than a receiving PC. The raspi, rtlsdr, gps triptych seemed perfect to me because the raspi could have been able to power the gps and the driver like the pc does.

    I noticed that the reception on gqrx is almost stable and using the dl3dcw program (sat controller no longer starts at home i may have to reformat the sd card but that's another problem) I could have stabilized the reception. The gpsdo only used for my transverter.

    here is the info.

    looking forward to reading you

    73 Eric

    GM Franck and the group

    i wanted download img without success..i have fiber here ..can you check your host ? and second question why dont put yhe img on github, its more easy to use wget....

    thank for infos

    73 Eric

    ah yes Thomas i understand better :) its a funny way of counting..I understand better whe the Frenchies represent 15 % of German resorts..we are very shy :)

    I will try to be asap on frequency. 73 Eric

    yep Heiner ; I ask to some oms to draw plan of station which is deporting to try to understand how they run her stations; hi...even with POE in some cases.

    I have pluto and new ampli from PE1CMO /20 w which is waterproof and soon i will put in box near dish with ptt line but i would like build second station with plutosdr and amplifier (from sg labs + cn0417 in the box) and i was just wondering advantage to put pluto sdr out of shack..