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  • Choice of Antenna


    Uplink + Downlink (TX/RX) with Dish

    To receive QO-100 you need at least an 85 cm dish and preferably 1 m or more for DATV and on the edge of the footprint. Learn how to aim your dish at the Es'hail-2 satellite on DishPointer. First select "25.9E ES" on the right and then "Your location". Then draw the direction line exactly to your location. Here you will also find the skew angle for adjusting your LNB. Now you should be able to easily align your dish and receive the first beacon signals. You can now make fine adjustments using the beacon signal.

    Uplink / TX



    Downlink / RX


    To receive QO-100 you will need at least a 90cms dish and preferably 1m or larger for DATV - see this guide as to how to align your dish on the Es'hail-2 satellite.

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