Transmit using Pluto with DVB firmware

  • DATV transmitting became more easy with the DVB firmware made by F5OEO.

    DATV transmitting became more easy with the DVB firmware made by F5OEO.

    Before this firmware there where a few programs like DATV Express and a Gnu radio option.

    With the release of the early DVB firmware for Pluto the transmitting of DVBS and DVBS2 in the higher H265 compression codec has become a new standard on the QO100. Due to private issues the development stopt in march 2021 with the 0303 perseverance version.

    F5UII has gathered lots of information on his website.

    Stable version is 0201 (2 Jan 2021) witch is used widely in the DATV community.

    From the BATC in the UK Portsdown is developed on a Raspberry as a stand alone system to create a digital transport stream to be transmitted via Lime sdr or a pluto sdr.

    More information about Portsdown and much more BATC contributions can be found on the BATC Wiki Website.

    To create the video image, you need a program like Vmix and OBS. Vmix is a commercial package capable in lots of streaming solutions creating a professional studio.

    Open Broadcasting Software is a freeware community solution software package used by a huge vlogging community and this makes it ideal for our ATV community to create video streams to be transmitted by an SDR transmitter. Both these programs can do very similar mixing of audio and video sources with overlay text .

    The video stream is combined with a audio stream into a transport stream (TS) and can be entered into a ffmpeg codec ready to be transmitted in a narrowband DVBS2 signal.

    This coding could be done with the right video card or witch soft coding. F1EJP made a freestream encoder program to make this job more versatile and more easy to adapt to your desired quality and transmitting settings.

    Lately F1EJP finetuned his program to DATV easy making a transport stream not only for Pluto but also a Lime and even an original pluto without the need of F5OEO firmware.