Receiving DATV

  • Receiving a narrowband DVBS2 Signal

    The digital TV satellite is using a DVBS2 norm with 4000 or more Kilo samples. We ham are using narrowband DVBS2 to create more channels into a 10 Mhz Wide band channel.

    These narrowband DVBS2 signals are 1000KS and lower, as low as 25KS. Typically 333K is used for most QO100 communication. But signals from 125KS to 1000KS are very common and a receiver should be able to receive these narrow signals. This rules out most commercial receivers. Octagon SF8008 is with minor firmware update usable from 333Ks and higher. F6DZP (Jean-Pierre ) has developed the Minitiouner (Hardware and Software) today it his the only software/hardware capable in receive low SR (SR 20) DVB S/S2 signals and High SR up to SR1500 or more . For software solution with a RTL stick or a Pluto SDR as receiver, SWL - markro92 made a nice program running on windows. Also a linux Gnu radio solution is using a RTL or Pluto as receiving the 740 Mhz DVBS2 signals.

    The Minitiouner is only a hardware tuner with needs of a program on windows or Portsdown on Raspberry or Ryde on Raspberry of a Longmynd on Rasberry to decode the received video

    A Winterhill is a BATC project capable in receiving 4 Channels with 1 Raspberry.