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  • Good afternoon:

    What version of GNURadio you use? I am ready for work ...çç

    73,s de Jabi, ea2aru.

  • I am 75 years old and it is impossible for me to make the linear modifications with reference:

    Nokia UMTS PA with 2 x BLF8G22LS_160_Rev_B_En.pdf

    It would be possible, please, to send you the linear so that you will adjust it to shut up optimally in the QO-100?

    Naturally I would take care of transportation costs and modifications. Waiting for your news

    Jabi, ea2aru


    • Hello Jabi,

      Sorry, but because of personal reasons I cannot help you at the moment and in the next future.

      73 Gerhard

  • Hello..
    I'm building a 2.4 Hz transverter from the Aliexpress modules. On the transmission I will use the FT 736 at the frequency of 432 MHz. Antenna disk 0.8 m. Poty Irradiator.