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  • I'm hoping to build a pipe cap filter. My SMA sockets have a 5mm pin protrusion, yours and others look longer. I could solder in a short piece extra (but solder is lossy), or order sockets with longer tails and PTFE surround (like in the pictures on the thread Es'hail-2 transverter PA3FYM-approach

    I have pipe caps that are 27.5i.d. and 19mm deep.


    Gareth G4XAT

  • hi! you are send me an message. what are you mean?

  • No, sorry. I haven't seen them anymore at flea markets lately. Bought them from a German but the last flea market he did not have them at his stand.

  • Oooo... do you have any spare, for sale?

  • I got them from a radio fleamarket her in The Netherlands around 4 years ago for 10 Euro.

  • Hi Remco, where from did you get these boards? 96-eshail2-47a-jpg

  • Hi from Vojtech OK1VAW!

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    • Ahoj Vojto, pozdravujem z Trenčína, JN98av!

      Na QO-100 som QRV s TM-455e + LZ5HP + mod.PA cca. 15W - 4dB v koaxe + 24dBi WiFi anténa a na príjem 85cm offset s Amiko LNB bez úprav, RTL SDR a SDR Console. Celé to rozkladám na kuchynskom stole, takže nebývam často na transpondéri.

      Viac sa dá pozrieť na mojom webe. Príležitostne sa teším na QSO!