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  • hi Rumen tnx we wait window only for upling QO-100 QRG.

    We will be glad to have this permition.
    is ur power out only 2 watt ? if it is, your antenna doing vy good job.

    I see that U soldered and hardened outher side of RG142 .
    Good opinion to keep in right direction.

    Also tnx to ON7WP, that published this design.

    73 Kadri

  • Hello friend Kadri,

    Thanks for the kind words about my signal. I know you still don't have permission to TX on 13cm, but I hope to receive your signal through this wonderful satellite QO100 soon.

    73 LZ1JH Rumen

  • hi Rumen ,, today I heard U on QO sat, ur signal was perfekt, I look at ur post and U made unusual antenna , congrats. tnx for sharing with us.

    We dont have TX permition yet on 13 cm, maybe in futur ..we wait.

    73 TA1D Kadri