survey of operational modes used on both NB and WB transponder

  • After almost 2 months of operation of the transponders, I would like to make a survey which modes are being used on either transponder. This is especially true for the NB transponder, where I am learning every day about new digimodes! But also for the WB transponder I think it is time to collect data from people what setup they are using. SSB and CW are the well known ones but there are tons of other digimodes being used!

    The goal of all this collection will be a talk for the Hamradio Friedrichshafen in June. It shall serve as a guideline for all newcomers what can be done on the satellite and what setup is required. Certainly, after the talk is complete I will upload it to the webpage as a general information 'leaflet'.

    How can you contribute:

    - send in your mode used and a description of your groundstation, both for uplink and downlink. Pictures are appreciated!

    - give some estimate if you are at the limit of feasability or less power is possible.

    - at minimum, send a waterfall screenshot of your mode. Please no audio files as they get quickly large and don't play well in a presentation

    - give a link to the used software and/or the technical details of the digimode.

    - describe from your own perspective what the pros and the cons of this mode are.

    If used in the talk, all information will be credited to the original source. Please understand, that I will have to make a selection of entries, otherwise the talk could get boring rather easily (not all of the talk should be SSTV or FT8). And I need to stick to some time limit..

    Looking forward to your contributions! You may post directly to this thread or (if you think it's too much) send directly to (mycallsign)

    73s Achim, DH2VA