IP over DVB-S2

  • Hi George,

    Great to see your improvement, but can you explain in more details your tests...is it one way tx with ping acknowledge on local network or real full duplex ping ? A link schematic of the link could be helpfull.

    73 Evariste F5OEO

  • Hi F5OEO ,

    My setup is full duplex. There are two PC running Ubuntu 22.04 attached to a B210 USRP and to an ethernet Pluto. There is one transmitter and one receiver. A combiner for Tx and a splitter for Rx is used. Power is almost equal from two SDR and total output is not overdriving Tx. SDR Tx is at 430 MHz which is upconverted to 2.4 GHz. A split of 10 kHz is between the two signals.

    Software is a TunTap interface, HDLC from gr-satellites, NRZI and BPSK as described.

    No FEC is used so any error bit loose packet as it does not pass from CRC of HDLC. The bandwidth is about 2 khz from 2500 bps.

    The flowgraphs must run in sudo.

    If you need more info please tell me.

  • Hello,

    You will find another solution for IP over QO-100: NPR-VSAT. Link below:

    I propose that we discuss about NPR-VSAT only in the new discussion-thread, dedicated to NPR-VSAT, in order not to be "off topic" here.