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  • Hi Peter !

    This morning I was able to speak by phone with Pedro ( URE President) and he told me the following:

    -It has been made known to the responsible URE of zone 7 to see if they are able to find something or locate the source ..if it is that part of here !!!.... Nobody really knows. All are speculations and/or suspicions.

    URE can't do much before the Administration if there isn't sure/conclusive evidence that the person it suspects is really the one who is broadcasting--.It's extremely complex because we don't know if it's this person, if he's doing it from home, at work..From the nearby streets you can't see his home and it's complex to detect a beam directed into space.

    I also commented it to Félix, President of AMSAT-EA this morning...Similar comment...

    That's all I can tell you at the moment, Peter....A difficult alley ...



    • Thanks a lot for your support Antonio, I hope sooner than later he will be tracked down... 73s Peter

  • Hallo Peter,

    jetzt können wir Sibirien als erreichbares Land auch abhaken. Hatte heute in KGSTV Kontakt mit R0AU in N066KA, Krasnoyarsk. Vadim sieht QO-100 mit nur 4° Elevation in einer Hochhausschlucht ....

    Nähere Info über sein Equipment habe ich noch nicht ...

    73 de Robert

    • Wow... Glückwunsch!!!

      Wirklich tolle Sache.. wäre toll, wenn wir von ihm ein paar Infos und Bilder fürs Journal oder so hätten..

      73s Peter

    • Hab Vadim nochmal kontaktiert ....


      R0AU> For TX - wifi antenna, feed 10m cable 10D-FB , about 10 watts and HackRF.

      R0AU> For RX dish 1m and sdr dongle. Sat elevation 4 degress.

      R0AU> Software for TX SDRAngel. For normal TX quality need edit sample rates in SDRAngel.

      Schon erstaunlich, Vadims KGSTV Signal war 23dB SNR ....

      Spricht auch für die Empfindlichkeit im Randbereich des Footprints von QO-100

      73 de Robert

    • Das ist im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes wirklich "krass"... :-)

      Wir sind gerade dabei DP0GVN aufzurüsten.. 1,2m Spiegel.. sollte dann auch problemlos gehen.

      Antenne mit Radom verschiffen wir im September.. QRV werden sie dann wohl im Januar wenn alles klappt und funktioniert.. Gruß peter

  • Hello Peter, is there any info, why the Leila automatic info is still not switched on? I suppose it was one of the main functions of the passband control of the transponder.


    Vojtech, OK1VAW.

    • Hi Vojtech,

      Yes, it is planned to activate LEILA soon after some Software optimizations.

      There were some test runs, but it was found out that with "real signals" some changes are required due to false alarms. Mario DL5MLO is working on that currently...

      Thanks and best regards

      Peter, DB2OS

    • Hello Peter,

      Could it be that I heard LEILE this week? Two days ago there was a steady signal 15 dB above the CW beacon level for a few seconds and I heard an alternating two-tone signal kicking in on top of that. Was that LEILA?

      Best 73

      Holger 'Geri', DK8KW

    • Hallo Gerit,

      LEILA ist in der Tat aktiv.. Mario DL5MLO hat Leila schon vor einigen Wochen aktiviert. Bei etwa 15-20dB über der Bake wird LEILA getriggert.

      Mario ist aber wohl noch dran am Arbeiten und optimieren

      73s Peter

    • TNX, Peter! Dann werden das wohl die Tests gewesen sein, die ich da gesehen und gehört habe.

      73 Holger 'Geri', DK8KW

  • Hi Peter,

    I indicated NB transponder noise yesterday afternoon. Do you know when transponders will be switched on again? Thanks for a reply. HNY once again. 73 Mirek

    • HNY Mirek!

      during last 2 days the transponders where on for several hours for in-orbit-testing.

      The date for official opening date for the transponders is not yet defined.

      We are waiting to travel to Qatar for installation of the ground station equipment (almost 700kg) in the Satellite Control Center from Es'hailSat. When this is operational, we will have an opening ceremony by QARS President A71AU... after this it is planned to open the transponder for public use..

      We will make announcement on our web page as soon as possible..

      73s Peter

    • Thank you Peter. 73 de Mirek OK2AQ

  • Hallo Peter,

    die LNB Experimente verlaufen sich in unterschiedlichen Beiträgen...

    Sollte man vielleicht einen eigenen thread aufmachen?

    73´s de Robert