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    Die betreffenden Nachrichten wurden gelöscht, da dies das falsche Forum und der falsche Ort für derartige Diskussion ist. Auch wurde die Tonart immer aggressiver und ging in eine falsche Richtung.

    Dieses Forum zu betreiben und zu pflegen bedeutet ziemlich viel Arbeit für den Admin und Moderatoren.

    Auch sind die Server-Resourcen nicht unendlich und wir versuchen das Forum übersichtlich zu halten.

    Im konkreten Fall kann man sich direkt an die Organisatoren der HAM RADIO 2020 wenden oder in deren Foren diskutieren. Die AMSAT ist an der besagten Entscheidung/Mitteilung nicht beteiligt und wird dazu öffentlich auch keinen Kommentar abgeben.

    Eigentlich sollte an die betreffenden Autoren und in der Übersicht ein entsprechender Hinweis gegangen sein. Leider hat das aber wohl leider nicht funktioniert und ist anscheinend nur für die Moderatoren sichtbar.

    73s Peter

    "Nicht vorrätig" ||


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    Hi Adrian,

    Changing the markings on the WB-WebSDR will probably have to wait until the weekend as Phil is “off the grid” for a few days.

    The overpower indication will also need adjusting, as it was referenced to the measured beacon power density.

    There will also be an updated WB bandplan soon..

    Because today's operation needed several engineers on both sides involved, and we were "playing" around to find the best settings and shift the beacon as far to the "left side" of the spectrum as possible, we could not make any further planning in advance..

    73s Peter


    1) DATV Beacon DVB-S2 parameters

    • DVB-S2
    • QPSK 4/5 FEC
    • 1500 kSymbols
    • RollOff = 0,25
    • Pilots = off
    • min. C/N = 4.6dB
    • Datarate 2.383 MBit

    2) Center Frequency: 10.4915 MHz

    The question is also, can 2 ham radios one in the explo mission and one at the headquarter: Geneva, Berlin or Paris give the microphone to discuss as an example medical supply or transport schedule from RedCross or Army to the medical team under his supervision, I will say yes but I am not sure....

    As explained above, this is normally not allowed according to the rules for the amateur radio service.

    It is only allowed if an emergency is officially declared and such usage is officially backed-up by your local regulatory office and the national regulatory office of the satellite owner...

    ITU Radio regulation says:

    Article 25.3 Amateur stations may be used for transmitting international communications on behalf of third parties only in the case of an emergency or disaster relief. An administration may determine the applicability of this provision to amateur stations under its jurisdiction

    Please refer to the following documentation:

    Normally we use the immarsat satellite, but prices per minute are very expensive and [...] The money that we will save by using the satellite will be used for the patient....

    Despite full respect what you are doing for humanity, the above reasoning would definitely not be compatible with the ITU regulations for the amateur radio and amateur satellite services...

    So I assume what you meant is during official emergency communication situation, officially backed-up by your local regulatory office and the national regulatory office of the satellite owner... which would be indeed an exception from the usual restrictions applied to amateur radio...

    73s Peter

    In order to coordinate potential emergency communications during the actual or any other crisis, the following frequency will be assigned as international emergency frequency on QO-100 NB Transponder:

    QO-100 International Emergency Frequency :!:

    Downlink: 10489.860 MHz

    Uplink: 2400.360 MHz

    SSB channel: max. 2.7kHz bandwidth

    All users on QO-100 are encouraged to monitor this frequency, but keep it clear for emergency traffic!

    Die DP0GVN QSL-Karten Sonderedition für QO-100 gehen in den Druck.

    Ein besonderer Dank geht an Dominik R4BE/DL5EBE, der seit fast 15 Jahren QSL-Manager für DP0GVN ist.

    QSL-Karten werden sowohl über das DARC-QSL-Büro als auch per Direktversand erhältlich sein (bitte Rückporto beilegen).

    DP0GVN QSL cards special edition for QO-100 go to print. Special thanks to Dominik R4BE/DL5EBE, who has been QSL manager for DP0GVN for almost 15 years. QSL cards will be available both via DARC QSL bureau or direct mail (please include return postage).


    Der OCXO hat 20ppb (0,02ppm) Frequenzstabilität, daran kann es eigentlich nicht liegen.

    Solche OCXO's sind in guten Meßgeräten eingebaut..

    Verwendest Du auch den QO-100 LNB mit dem Referenztakt aus dem AMSAT-Downconverter?

    Wichtig ist, dass der OCXO/TCXO keinem direkten Luftzug ausgesetzt ist.. sonst kann er Temperaturschwankungen nicht schnell genug nachregeln...

    Präzision: mit dem Poti 11 kann man die 40,0 MHz Sollfrequenz ggf. noch fein abgleichen, dazu sollte man aber einen entsprechend genauen Frequenzzähler haben ;-)

    How about the dozens of ham's who use the web-SDR as receive system, because their own system isn't working that good on rx or even don't have an rx setup, isn't this remote too?

    NO, you even don't need a Ham Radio license just for receive only...

    Bear in mind that from a professional perspective it is 'odd' that a satellite operator allows 'non coordinated' users on/through their space vehicle!

    Very well said, Remco!

    It did indeed require some educational work at the time that I, or someone in AMSAT, could not simply grab the telephone to "call" a user, as is actually the case with commercial uplink stations.

    ... and that amateur radio essentially has the privilege of self-regulation, apart from some technical measures.

    73s Peter