Downconverter V3d: Serial output

  • Good evening everyone!

    The following is a bit of a headscratcher for me:

    I intend to use the serial data extracted from the GPS- header for hook- up the downconverter to a separate uController & LCD, which shall display the current status of the V3d, next to other parameters of my station.

    After connecting a serial converter to pin 4 of the GPS- interface and firing up the teminal, I expected to see data according Kurt`s description here:…msat_down_v3_diagnose.htm

    However, although I see various diagnostic messages from the converter, the format is way different to the OLD_XX_YY_text- format that I was looking for.

    Here is an excerpt of what Putty shows:

    Could anybody advise me of what I'm doing wrong?

    Hardware used:

    Downconverter V3d // Edit: It is the Version sold with the 'V1'- GPS- Module

    Serial- converter RS232 <--> TTL3.3V

    vy 73