Remote SDR version 4.2 now available.

  • Remote SDR allows remote control of an SDR-based transceiver from a simple web browser.

    Signal processing is performed by a Raspberry Pi4 or an Orange Pi Zero 2.

    Different configurations are possible with RTL-SDR, HackRF One or Adalm-Pluto.

    You can transmit in SSB, CW or NBFM. On the site you will find various examples including my transceiver to access QO-100.

    This architecture makes it possible to locate the HF part at the foot of the antenna and to control the transceiver from your warm office.

    Many features are available, such as:

    - Automatic band scan

    - Equalizer on the RX and TX audios

    - Notch Filter

    - Noise Filter

    - CW manipulator (Iambic A or Iambic B)

    - Modulation compressor

    - Satellite tracking with Gpredict

    - Control of a GS232 type rotator

    Runs on Chrome and Edge browsers.

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