OPENATV QO-100 WB Spectrum Plugin

  • good morning baris, thank you very much for changing the frequency bars, they now fit perfectly, great work!!! but.......if you look really closely (with my cat eyes...hi) you can see that the frequency bar a71a (1.5MS/s) is not exactly centered at 10491.5, it's a little too far to the right and should be shifted to the left (center on 10491.5), then your plugin graphic will fit perfect!! further.....if datv stations transmit with a small bandwidth, you can see that the entire batc spectrum is a little too far to the left and does not exactly match your frequency bar graph, you can already see it at 1.5MS/s station a71a, but not so good because of the bandwidth! I wish you a nice weekend, don't work but rest !!!! vy 73 de oe6mue, mike