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    OE6MUE Thanks for the info.. I real;;y spent sometime to see the difference... You have very good cats... Good eyes...

    Only by putting the spectrums on the top of each other, I managed to see the difference...

    I get this as a BUG request and on the way of fixing..


    Baris DINC


    And this is the second video with ADF4351 as a 1.1GHz Local Oscillator...

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    My goal for this weekend is to have it all in a tiny box....



    Hi all,

    A few months ago I started a Portable QO-100 transceiver project. I already presented it on Opensat Cubesat Workshop 2020.

    The project is going on very slow but there are some improvements that I wanted to share here so we can maybe continue on the project with all your help.

    A brief description about the project can be found in the following presentation :…reOSCW2020_barisdinc.pptx

    Now here is a working demo for the reception part.

    73's de TA7W/OH2UDS


    Hi All,

    I was very busy this week at work, so I didn't have time to work on this plugin when I am at home....

    For the frequency definitions I was planning to make it hard coded into the plugin that people can modify if needed.

    But then I decided to make it a predefined transponder and satellite channels (bouqet) definition and add it to system when installed. This way everybody can go and edit transponder/bouqets according to their setup.

    e.g if they are using a modified LNB or a different IF frequency. (like Michel's hb9dug situation)

    Any comments on this are welcome...

    maybe you are using a version that has "more" bugss.... wait for a while, I will do a new release..

    looks like the device is not able to do domain name translation.. Please chack that your box has a valid DNS entry and a proper connection.. you can try to ping servers from your box

    for example:



    Does your plugin use a satellite profile ? If Yes which one ?

    73 de Michel, HB9DUG

    No it does not use any satellite profile. The spectrum is coming from BATC services via websocket.

    I have my own frequency definition inside the code (frequencies, etc.) to make it portable on any settopbox..... But not sure if I will need a satellite definition/transponder definiiton somehow.. I will inform you back soon

    73'de TA7W/OH2UDS

    Baris DINC

    Hi Mike,

    Its inte=resting that I still see PYTHON 2.7 in your logs, where I am pretty sure that OPENATV 7 is based on Python 3

    I only have /usr/lib/python3.9 folder on my sf8008 :(

    Can you send me a picture of Information/About screen...


    can you copy the output of the "opkg list | grep websocket" command.. it should look like something like this :

    libqt5websockets-mkspecs - 5.15.2+git0+f73735911b-r0 - qtwebsockets version 5.15.2+gitAUTOINC+f73735911b-r0

    qtwebsockets version 5.15.2+gitAUTOINC+f73735911b-r0.

    libqt5websockets-plugins - 5.15.2+git0+f73735911b-r0 - qtwebsockets version 5.15.2+gitAUTOINC+f73735911b-r0

    qtwebsockets version 5.15.2+gitAUTOINC+f73735911b-r0.

    libqt5websockets-qmlplugins - 5.15.2+git0+f73735911b-r0 - qtwebsockets version 5.15.2+gitAUTOINC+f73735911b-r0

    qtwebsockets version 5.15.2+gitAUTOINC+f73735911b-r0.

    libqt5websockets5 - 5.15.2+git0+f73735911b-r0 - qtwebsockets version 5.15.2+gitAUTOINC+f73735911b-r0

    qtwebsockets version 5.15.2+gitAUTOINC+f73735911b-r0.

    python3-websocket-client - 1.2.1-r0 - websocket client for python

    websocket-client module is WebSocket client for python. This provide the

    Question: The machine should be connected to internet.

    Baris Dinc



    I am also searching for similar solutions.. I checked the Linux kernel and saw that the Tuner manufacturer is providing precompiled kernel headers. So its very hard to do detailed modifications.

    If we can find details of RDA5815 there might be a solution.


    Baris Dinc

    I am sorry but it's impossible to upgrade the python on the system where ENIGMA (the UI) is based on fully python....

    But this plugin should work on any image based on enigma2/python3

    Question : Is it usefull to enter KHz in UI, I also modified my own fiormware to input frequency in KHz, but I think the AGC.AFC of tuner does not allow you to set a precise frequency. It always tunes to the strongest signal on my tests.

    Good luck.



    Ok.. what is your OpenATV version...?

    Looks like its not 7 or later....

    Your SF8008 is using python 2.7 and I decided to go with a release which supports python 3 (where python 2.7 is not supported anymore)

    If you can try to have OpenATV 7 or later (or an image with python 3) that will do.

    Here is the log with eror:


    I started development of a openatv plugin in parallel of my sf8008 minitouner porting.

    The purpose of the plugin is as follows;

    • Connect to BATC websocket and get spectrum data [DONE]
    • Draw Wideband spectrum view [DONE]
    • Allow user to select transmission [InProgress]
    • Tune the frontend for selected Frequency/Samplerate [Waiting]

    A sample spectum view is as follows;

    The initial code is attached. After some progress I will pack it into a installable package.

    Things to be done for installation :

    - Ssh to your satellite receiver

    - install websocket client (e.g. opkg install python-websocket-client)

    -Copy the attached zip file to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions folder and uncompress

    - Run the plugin from the plugins menu

    73's de TA7W/OH2UDS

    Baris DINC



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    I think it should work any linux that supports udev and required FTDI modules installed.....

    But for your settopbox you should check the cpu architecture.. you may need to crosscompile the longmynd for that.... but it should work...

    73's de TA7W/OH2UDS

    Baris DINC