• Hello!

    I am a beginner and I just finished my qo100 station. I use an Adalm Pluto with SDR CONSOLE. For the reception a lnb Bullseye and a parabola of 80cm.

    For transmission the pluto is connected to a wi-fi amplifier ( ) and I use a helical antenna (

    The reception and transmission work perfectly my only problem is that I can't make the pluto work in full duplex. As soon as I switch to transmission, I don't receive anything. It's as if the transmission is disturbing the reception.

    For your information, I don't have a 2.4ghz filter at the output of the Pluto for the moment.

    Could someone help me?

    With my apologies for my Google English! 8o

    Manu F4HSE

  • Hello Andreas,

    I'm currently using half duplex mode but I can't monitor my show.

    I could use a Web SDR but I would like to have a standalone station without needing an internet connection.